Thursday, April 17, 2008

High Expectations And Over-rated Promises:

Search Engine Watch reported a legal case last week that again raised the subject of standards and search engine optimization. The SEO agency that was being sued, Internet Advancement, was penalized for offering services that they did not fulfill.

For instance, the company claimed to have a 96 percent success rate with over 47,000 clients, claims which were absolutely false. They also reverted on their promise of securing a position in the top 10 search engine rankings.

In my opinion, they are being served their just desserts.

One of the first things you have to remember in this business - you cannot guarantee what you cannot consolidate by a valid claim. Even if you do want to impress on your prospective client your proficiency in online marketing, try to be demure in your descriptions and realistic in your promises.

Many SEO and online marketing firms have faced the music just because they have analyzed their market badly and underestimated client intelligence. You might be getting hired by a toy-maker to promote his website online, but just because he may be out of the loop on online marketing it doesn’t mean that you paint him a rosy picture about how you’ll make him the best in the world.

Trust your clients enough to let them in the creative website promotion process, explain them your requirements and consider their inputs. You’d be surprised the amount you can learn from them.

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