Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Local Search And Search Engine Optimization:

Local search engine optimization has been found to be especially handy for small business owners and those looking for a limited, localized reach. The reasons could be varied and could range from a small budget to targeting a section of the populace or a service that could work only in that particular area.

Certain local SEO’d blogs can be seen to include grammar-throttling keywords like Boston accountants rather than something more natural sounding like accountants in Boston. When the SEO follows the keyword to content ratio rule to the max, the website is bound to have content that sounds something close to gibberish.

As a small business looking to build up credibility within a limited budget, the last thing you want to do is sound nonsensical. This is why professional SEO’s and online marketing experts treat local search and SEM differently.

Ranking high in local search can be leveraged tremendously if the website is hosted on a local server or is a local domain. So if your business is located in Dublin a ‘’ would be a great idea.

At Cosmos Creatives, customizing the website to suit the local palate is a very important part of our local search engine marketing efforts. While the articles and web content contained in the website are optimized adequately with the required amount of targeted keywords, the Title tags, images and links are given equal importance.

Get ahead in the local search business, team up with Cosmos Creatives.


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