Thursday, April 3, 2008

Virtual Stores And Online Marketing:

The retailing giant J.C. Penney is touted to be the largest online department store on the Internet and in the world. On the Internet you can’t get any larger or successful than that! In 2006, the organization had a promotion where they recreated their online store at One Times Square.

Pulling off an expensive stunt like this, even if it is for advertising reasons, seems to contradict the entire aim and purpose of online marketing. When businesses build a virtual store to push their product or service online, the prime motivating factor is usually the need to influence a wide span of people without costing too much.

From designing the virtual store to carrying out Internet marketing using search engine optimization, PPC adverts and various other website promotional campaigns, online marketing reduces costs significantly.

Small business owners are the main entities that benefit from efforts like virtual stores, whereas big corporations tend to incorporate virtual stores as part of a wider marketing campaign. For instance, America’s largest toy retailer Toys ''R'' Us, has a very established national presence with more than 600 stores in the U.S, yet it has an online store that stocks most of the stuff that’s usually found in the physical stores.

Getting to know what tickles the online visitor’s needs is major aspect of an online marketing expert’s job. Implementing it with the help of an SEO team is the next step towards having a successful virtual store set-up.

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