Friday, April 18, 2008

Wanna Makeup A Fact? Go To A Content Writer:

That’s what Lonely Planet did. Those handy little books without which many a tourist would be at a loss for which wine to get drunk on in French Provençal and which tattoo parlor to visit in Goa have been found to feature work that has been made-up!

Thomas Kohnstamm, a writer for the publication, recently admitted to fibbing some of the sections in the Lonely Planet guide to Columbia, a country which he has never visited. Imagine the shocking loss of credibility that a travel authority like Lonely Planet must be suffering over this issue. Practically everybody refers to a LP when touring an unknown country.

Times Online says that this is a normal occurrence and states “the economics of guidebook writing are such that corners will be cut so that the author comes out at least in pocket.”

So is this what happens when you hire your content writers cheap?

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