Monday, April 14, 2008

Where Will Online Retail Take Us?:

Everybody has glowing predictions for online retail in 2008, and the slack U.S. markets aren’t affecting it one bit so far. Responsible for a mere 7 percent of total online sales, retailing on the web has its uses.

For one, it has the power to reach out to millions of people who log on to the Internet for purposes ranging from the latest culinary marvels to banking in an online bank. A chance advertisement on a website may have the potential to clinch the biggest deal of the day for a retailer.

Verdict Research points out the food and grocery sectors to be the fastest growing areas in online marketing in the retail sector. This comes as no surprise considering the thick network of moms and women increasingly logging online for work from home. From the 97.2 million U.S. females logging online daily in 2006 at least 109.7 are expected to blossom by 2011 according to eMarketer.

As an inexpensive method of retailing and low-cost options like email marketing, search engine marketing and more lately social networks, the rosy future of online retail seems a surety. Need help in conquering the market? Contact Cosmos Creatives.


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