Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Online Marketing And Sex And The City – Giving Competition The Stiletto

There is something to be said for a movie with 40-something women at the helm breaking box office records for an R-rated comedy. Sex and the City bagged $55.7 million beating Lara Croft: Tomb Raider for a movie with a woman in the lead.

The trickle of online marketing that began when the movie went into production increased to a steady stream in the months nearing completion and reached a crescendo before the release. The climax that followed when SATC finally released has never been so sweet for the chick-flick genre.

Clever marketing and brand endorsements played a major role in all the hoopla surrounding the movie, but yet they paled in comparison to the word-of-mouth hype generated by devoted fans of the series. Women who had just heard about Sex and the City in distant countries were seen clamoring for a piece of the action.

Internet marketing simply added to the frenzy and circulated viral videos, widgets, games and contests, online shopping sprees and party invites generously with a yen for the movie. Sex and the City, in short, accomplished what it set out to do viz. draw the attentions and affections of scores of women and teenagers.

According to Warner Bros. president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman the movie “has become a cultural phenomenon.” He adds, “What this shows is that given the right project you can create a frenzy for the female aud, just like we are used to with boys and men.”

Mr. Fellman hit the spot right on according to the online marketing experts at Cosmos Creatives.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Dreaded 404 Error – Make Your Users & Search Engines Love It

A 404 error page is something you should avoid having on your website if you are an entrepreneur looking to increase website traffic. They could be a step back in SEO efforts and are more likely than not to prevent your site from getting indexed.

In plain speak a 404 DNS error or a File Not Found error is what the server spits out when someone types in a URL that does not exist on your website or is under construction and is hence unavailable. A page or two that give out such errors on your website can be tolerable for most users. Search engines on the other hand, don’t like them.

Known to affect the visibility of a particular website in SERP’s, a File Not Found error can be turned to your website’s advantage with customized pages that cloak the error though.

A stand-by page called a 404.htm page is an excellent way to get past the 404 error and can benefit your search engine optimization efforts enormously. Take a look at the File Not Found error pages put up on Smashing Magazine.

These stand-by pages not only provide the user to your website something to chuckle/think/learn about, but also encourage the search engine to include the page as relevant to the website and hence index-worthy.

Absolutely do not tell your web designers to create a 404 error page that is an exact copy of your homepage- its not going to win your website any popularity points. Encourage user-friendliness and accessibility- after all that’s the main aim of any website.

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Get A Second Look For Your Blog Post In Google Alerts

Google Alerts have become absolutely indispensable for me along with the daily news feeds I subscribe to.

The settings I have set into my GA requests ask for a comprehensive (mews, blogs, forum comments, videos, etc.), as-it-happens update to be mailed directly to my inbox. For a subject like online marketing and SEO, the Google Alerts I receive are very frequent and if you have subscribed similarly, you can guess how tedious they are all to go through.

However, I must admit, I never go through all of them.

All I look for is the little snippet of the article that accompanies the alert headline. It usually includes a sentence or two that has the keyword (search query) I have typed in as well. A clever headline always draws my attention and it is this I focus on first.

The accompanying sentence is what actually convinces me to open that particular alert.

With some careful spacing of content and keyword, you too can make your online marketing efforts and website promotion get higher pings with Google Alerts. As Google indexes content rapidly, there is a chance that your blog or news post or related content will be included in the top 20 search results immediately.

Staying on top of your competition is a big part of the search engine optimization business and with clever optimization of your content for Google Alerts, you could be right up there. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

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