Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Get A Second Look For Your Blog Post In Google Alerts

Google Alerts have become absolutely indispensable for me along with the daily news feeds I subscribe to.

The settings I have set into my GA requests ask for a comprehensive (mews, blogs, forum comments, videos, etc.), as-it-happens update to be mailed directly to my inbox. For a subject like online marketing and SEO, the Google Alerts I receive are very frequent and if you have subscribed similarly, you can guess how tedious they are all to go through.

However, I must admit, I never go through all of them.

All I look for is the little snippet of the article that accompanies the alert headline. It usually includes a sentence or two that has the keyword (search query) I have typed in as well. A clever headline always draws my attention and it is this I focus on first.

The accompanying sentence is what actually convinces me to open that particular alert.

With some careful spacing of content and keyword, you too can make your online marketing efforts and website promotion get higher pings with Google Alerts. As Google indexes content rapidly, there is a chance that your blog or news post or related content will be included in the top 20 search results immediately.

Staying on top of your competition is a big part of the search engine optimization business and with clever optimization of your content for Google Alerts, you could be right up there. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

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