Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Cool Is Cuil For SEO?

I can’t help it. Just about everybody who is anybody (and not) is abuzz about Cuil, the search engine that is projected to kick Google’s a**. The hype created is phenomenal, especially when two ex-Google honchos are the ones to conceptualize Cuil.

Firstly, this search engine claims to search three times as many pages as Google and ten times as many as what Microsoft do- without gathering user search history or preferences. In short, it focuses on the search process and that alone.

Analysts are scanning this new entrant in the search engine market from each and every angle- from the look of it to its viability in terms of search engine optimization. The reactions are very heated and in some cases, quite brutal.

Jaan Kanellis, a commentator on Search Engine Roundtable, defended the pragmatic approach Cuil has toward search compared to Google saying, “For a simple search (one word), popularity metrics are employed. The site has been out for 24 hours, of course your page 1 Google result is different from your page 1 Cuil result.

3+ word searches have been borked all morning. Okay, let's look at that... for COMPLEX searches, Cuil is using their algo. The algo is down, probably being tweaked. It makes a poor first impression but this is a really useful time for SEOs to be PAYING ATTENTION.


Because you can see where popularity ends and the algo begins.”

Personally, I feel these are teething problems that Cuil should have taken care of before claiming to dwarf Google. Almost every online marketing professional knows that anything with the term ‘guarantee’ or its connotation in it is bound to work against you.

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