Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Survey: Online Marketing Good For Newspapers

UK newspapers have it real good these days.

A new research released by the Newspaper Marketing Agency relates that online visitors to national newspapers in the UK hit a high of 94 million in last month alone. Rather strangely, the traffic volumes were lowest during the weekends as compared to weekdays.

Looks like employees really like to stay abreast with news headlines while cooped up in the office!

The research found that online newspapers owe a lot to search engine optimization and online marketing, with Google providing these sites with at least 33 million unique visitors. The research maintained that online marketing was more likely responsible for this high traffic.

Another aspect of these findings pointed to visitors searching for news according to the name of the publication rather than individual news items. This just goes to show how much importance people still attach to quality and trusted brands and names, rather than plucking blindly at news streams.

So, does this remind you of online marketing principles that decree quality over quantity? Researches like these definitely defend the need for quality website content- be it graphics, written material or media.

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