Thursday, August 21, 2008

The ‘C’redibility Factor – Do Your Hired SEOs Have It?

Rory Cellan-Jones was talking about the side effects of the changing face of journalism all over the world on his BBC blog the other day. Ruing about how readers now relate to news services he says, “The audience - which used to know its place - is being asked to act as a kind of journalistic ombudsman, ruling on our credibility.”

In the world of search engine optimization and online marketing as well, social bookmarking services like Digg and Sphinn have yielded the responsibility of gauging credibility in the hands of the readers/visitors.

Tools like those that Blogged and RateItAll provide are a badge of popularity that website visitors happily use to deem a site as cool or not.

Even Google loves sites that have popular and higher page ranked sites linking to them.

Far from complaining about such tools, which search engine optimizers have to keep adapting and incorporating in their strategies, there is an added subtle assurance sent out to the reader or site visitor. An assurance that says, ‘Yes, we know all that we say we know and others know that we know it to. So come trust us.’

That oft-repeated old adage, ‘survival of the fittest’ keeps manifesting itself, and this credibility debate is a good example. It definitely keeps the competition engaged while discarding those that don’t have it. This is better than the jungle though, even if you have lost or reduced your credibility, you have countless chances to regain it.

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