Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Online Marketing & The Pink Factor

It’s not even the first sentence and I already indulged in a stereotype.

As most of you must have guessed, this is a blog that has something to do with women (power of pink anyone?). What triggered this online marketing post was this really nice website I came across, which is a one-stop point for women who own businesses online.

When I browsed through the numerous helpful strategies that were scattered throughout the website, the first thing that struck me was the immediate comfort factor I sensed. These people have managed to reach out to the woman browsing online and have offered her a site that can be trusted enough to listen to.

Considering the sheer number of women logging onto the internet and carrying out jobs, activities and hobbies daily, it is understandable that online marketing does more than it can to attract this tremendous spending force.

Holly Buchanan of Grokdotcom tried to look at the power images of women have on the consumer market as a whole and thinks that female consumers relate better to images that are relevant to the product offered. Male consumers on the other hand, are first struck by the image of the woman on the packaging after which they move on to the contents of the package.

So much for what the researchers at the University of Granada discovered about gender stereotypes!

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