Thursday, August 14, 2008

Web 2.0 And The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Bill Bishop of Market Watch thinks that the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are the first Web 2.0 Olympics. I tend to agree with his reasons for such a bold statement.

There were at least a billion people watching the opening ceremony alone and as the days progress and the medals competed for, viewers are looking for every way to get closer. According to Nielson Online, Monday saw a high jump in online traffic to Olympic-related websites.

Our friends over from India pointed us to Abhinav Bindra’s blog, which, as of the time this post was being written had 6,620 hits. Abhinav won the first individual Olympic Gold for India for this year for his performance in the Men's 10m Air Rifle shooting. His blog sprang into existence on August 5, 2008.

For those websites tapping into the Games for manipulating online marketing traffic, you can imagine their joy. Technology finally arrived for a centuries old event.

The advertisers owe a lot to such diversification of technology.

There are billboards placed at strategic locations near the stadiums in China screaming out affiliations to the Games and their brand worth. Online, there are widgets and applications that offer everything from a medal count for each country to the latest news and weather forecasts related to the Olympic Games. The ad-bucks circulating are phenomenal.

For online marketing, it’s just another opportunity for enticing the audience. Just like how blogs and websites change layouts and designs to make way for certain celebrations and important events (Christmas, Fourth of July, thanksgiving, etc.), the Olympics provide a similar excuse.

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