Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Do You Lavish Money On – IT or Customers?

So I was browsing through ZDNet yesterday and I came across this invitation for a webcast they were having on utilizing monetary resources for customers instead of IT. While the seminar is still a few days away, it got me wondering about how exactly it would benefit an organization if it adapted such a strategy.

While at Cosmos Creatives we are all for an organized balance between these two important components, it is not necessary that other firms conform to the same views when it comes to online marketing.

For instance, certain web or technologically oriented firms will obviously require to devote maximum resources towards their technological infrastructure. Good tech performance = Loyal, satisfied customers.

Online marketing and search engine optimization firms know this equation very well.

On the other hand, there may be online companies that require minimum maintenance where their technology is concerned. Sites that are simply one-stop microsites or those that depend on more basic online marketing strategies like display marketing or email marketing to get their word across, are good examples.

All they need is an initial investment in reliable IT and customer attracting online marketing tools like the ones mentioned above and they are ready to roll.

How about you? Comment here to let us know which strategy you apply and how it has helped you.


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