Friday, September 12, 2008

Landing Page Optimization – Trust your SEO company

No, landing pages don’t have to be flashy, brimming with relevant content and links to this offer or that contact form.

Nobody will look at the landing page for your business if it’s supplying them with a lot of information.

A smart search engine optimization and web development professional will tell you that good landing pages are all about select spots that need to be emphasized to captivate the consumer. 

Of course, you need to provide them with all the information that you think is necessary to feature on your landing page.

Website designers and developers can accordingly design the landing page to accommodate this information. Be warned though, this might reduce your content drastically. But no more so that the impact is lost (at least that’s what a smart online SEO service does).

One of the cool things about implementing excellent landing page optimization techniques is the clutter-free image it projects to the consumer. It’s all about clean designs, precise information, appealing color schemes and subtle soft-selling.

You might want to tell the user as much about your product or service when he or she visits your website. But you are bound to scare them away with information-overload if you do the same on your landing page. Similarly, a domain name containing a relevant keyword instead of an ambiguous name for your business or service is imperative.

Remember, visitors will visit your site mainly because your landing page is showing them what they are looking for, and not because you are replicating your website. Trust the online SEO solutions professionals you choose to get your message across.

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