Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Letting Custom-made Themes Do All The Search Engine Marketing

Wordpress recently renewed their attitude towards their themes section and promised the public of a lot more activity in this department in future. Quite a pleasant surprise, as regardless of the swish themes that people have been creating for this open source blogging tool, they never really would announce it when a new theme came in. 

One of the search engine marketing blogs I follow announced their custom-made Wordpress themes around the same time. Quite naturally, themes hold a lot of branding potential especially as a search engine marketing tool. These guys had a theme created on the lines of their brand’s color scheme. Discreet insertion of their logo and an accreditation to them further highlighted their main services- online SEO services and web development.

Think of it as the skeleton for a micro-site or a landing page, but with more user-appeal and brand impact. Of course, you will have to think about your target market before you decide on this website promotion technique. Whichever web development team you hire for conceptualizing and developing a search engine optimized theme or template, they need to have this sorted out before embarking on the design plan.

The next time you want to get some search engine marketing done, all you need to do is get your search engine optimization and website design team to create a theme with your company stamp and branding. It makes for rather effective website promotion and search engine marketing.

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