Monday, October 20, 2008

Banner Advertising Still Going Strong On The Internet

Which had me wondering why TechDirt felt that banner advertisements are going to be extinct in the near future of the WWW.

Of course, this was before Google let out their good news about the lucrative potential in banner ads and web advertising yesterday. The internet giant experienced a boost in its net income from $1.07 billion to $1.35 billion.

According to Eric Schmidt chief executive for Google, the glowing finances are attributed in a major way to banner advertisements and similar methods of online advertising and website promotion. And sure enough, as though on cue the web page that I caught this report on popped up an ad asking me to register for the online edition of the newspaper.

Whichever way you see it,
website marketing via advertisements is necessary, especially if you have a site that is noncommercial (personal sites, blogs, information websites, etc.) Nonetheless, large businesses- both online and offline offering services or products too stand to gain a lot via online marketing strategies on pay per click models and advertisements.

All it takes is a good
online SEO services provider to chalk out and carry out the advertising campaign. Using a combination of internet marketing and search engine optimization and with inputs from the web page designer and content writer, it is just a matter of time till when your clicks convert to more sales.


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