Friday, October 10, 2008

Discounting The Target Audience’s Opinions Is Not Smart

James E. Gaskin of PC World pointed out an interesting concept which is thankfully being taken up by a rising number or businesses- that of audience opinion. He talks about Dell converting a negative trend begun by its audience market into a positive step for the company.

Dell’s IdeaStorm is one very powerful implementation of an online marketing idea and it could make for a great avenue for a web marketing service to pursue in order to insert credibility into a marketing campaign.

Consider what Dove did in its Campaign for Real Beauty. While the brand was not really flailing financially, they did add another mark towards their credibility quotient. A lot of women I know became much more receptive towards the brand after they learned about this effort.

The success that so many social networks and pro-community sites have found is a direct result of such marketing tactics. From airline carriers to restaurants and real estate websites- business entities are waking up to the power of social networks, communities and forums where users can discuss, complain and provide just about any other feedback they deem would make their user-experience better.

What about your organization? Are you making use of this fantastic opportunity for your business concern? Do you as yet have a more-than-competent team of website marketing professionals taking care of how your target audience views your business?

If not, then check out what a savvy online web solutions professional can do to accumulate user data market behavior and hone it towards adding value to your services and products. It’s not only big business houses that can afford to make use of such internet marketing strategies anymore and there’s no reason for your company to forgo the fun!


  1. I couldn't agree more. Companies need to start listening to what their target audience and consumers are saying. I have been following Dell's journey to listening for the past three years and think they have done a wonderful job.

    Have a look at my blog post and presentation about it:

    I was so excited when that post caught the attention of Vida Killian, the Manager of Dell IdeaStorm. She confirmed that Dell's culture had changed to focus on listening to the consumers:

    Interested in your thoughts.

  2. @dominiquehind: Wow, this is something fascinating you have done out there! Great research and I have to say- it feels great when someone in the management is keeping an eye out for chatter about their organization and actually gets back to you! It happened to me twice, and like you I just couldn't stop raving about it!
    It's great when companies actually walk the talk. The audience wants to know that they are heard today and not only heard, but also listened to.