Monday, October 6, 2008

Giving The Public An Incentive To Search And Businesses An Excuse To Market

The word ‘free’ makes for one very powerful keyword. It has been exploited to its maximum potential continuously by virtually every startup on the planet. In internet marketing circles there is always a gravitation noticed towards terms like affordable, reasonable, inexpensive, etc. during the course of the business’ growth. 

But in all this, where does Microsoft, an established software giant stand with its Live SearchPerks program?

According to the specs let out by Microsoft, the first one million U.S. citizens who sign up before the year is over get to use the service. For each time users make use of Live Search, Microsoft’s search engine to make an internet search, they are awarded points or tickets, which can be redeemed against prizes.

While there may be flaws in the system, the fact that such a basic marketing tactic is still in use says a lot for online marketing. Online SEO services find such incentive based services great for getting the target audience familiarized with a particular service. 

Another plus point is the branding potential present in such website marketing strategies. Look at how Facebook got users to make use of applications like iLike, StyleFeeder, Pass a Drink, etc. to stack up on points they could use to redeem against virtual gifts. 

Adding value to the user-experience has its benefits and while for Microsoft it could be just a trickle in the barrel where boosting popularity is concerned, for smaller businesses and startups such a strategy could spell as more profit. Just make sure that you hire the services of a really good online marketing company to handle all your website promotion.

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