Monday, October 13, 2008

Higher Search Engine Positioning With Pingbacks

As far as I know, blogger allows backlinks, which are similar in concept to trackbacks and pingbacks. Currently, almost every blog hosting service worth its name offers options for enabling trackbacks, pingbacks and backlinks. This is a good thing, as these elements allow the site to gain backlinks that contribute very nicely to raising SERPs.

But what exactly are trackbacks and pingbacks and what role do they play in website promotion and marketing?

The Wordpress Codex Tutorial explains trackbacks and pingbacks as convenient tools for maintaining a discussion thread or multiple threads between various websites and visitors. They traced back the origins of trackbacks to SixApart, who also happen to be the originators of MovableType.

However handy they might be in a blogging context, some bloggers view them as spam and have ways for checking their frequency or keeping them from appearing in the comment section.

The best thing about trackbacks and pingbacks however, is they are great for back linking. Online SEO services find it a great option for linking to another website or blog containing content that relates or connotes to a certain point or idea on their own site.

Of course, it is simply bad practice to go berserk while linking and points to weak content. You cannot get any better at busting your corporate blog or website’s credibility than by doing such link stuffing.

Savvy search engine marketing professionals can make use of trackbacks and pingbacks in a positive way to attract traffic to a website though. When trackback and pingback discussions are kept symbiotic, you automatically get relevant website traffic that enhances your search engine rankings by linking to your content.

Trust a professional internet marketing company to get relevant backlinks and pingbacks for sites.


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