Friday, October 17, 2008

Online Marketing Can Ignore The Cellular Phone Market For Now

With cellular operaters and manufactureres doling out application and feature-rich cellphones by the dozen, its small wonder mobile phones have become so multi-faceted.

Going by the studies performed on mobile phone subscriptions alone, it seems natural to presume that mobile phones have a wide reach and can be excellent agents for reaching out to the market audience via SMS marketing or traditional online marketing. Subsriptions have escalated by 24 percent between 2000 and 2008.

However, subscriptions for cellular services do not a web user make. Additionally, markets like Brazil, China, India and Taiwan are the heavyweights in the cellular market. They love using their phones for everything from moblogging to watching TV and playing karaoke.

Hence, while pursuing a Western audience it wouldn't really affect the internet marketing efforts of a business if they went remiss on appealing to the mobile phone user. Online marketing could be even more viable when targetting local audiences in developing countries like the ones mentioned above.

From an internet marketing point of view, adapting and optimizing a website for easy accessibility on a mobile device can attract traffic and can greatly enhance the user-experince. If your corporate website is too heavy for cellphone rendering, it would be a good practice to include a cellular version that is just as attractive.

Consumers like it when they are provided with more options to view their favorite websites. Get to know how you can get one developed for your website with help from Cosmos Creatives.


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