Thursday, October 16, 2008

Optimizing Your Email Marketing Campaign For Better Reach

“With roughly 20% of people changing email addresses each year to avoid spam and/or to start “fresh” and escape the email account that has gotten out of control, it is difficult to keep in touch with your opt-in audience”, says Julie Brue of TopRank.

But a fickle audience is only part of the problem faced by online marketing professionals who implement email marketing in their website promotion campaign. Most users are turned off by the appearance of a newsletter itself.

Readers are also known to click on the spam button either because of the vast tracts of white space included or an overcrowding of content (graphics, images and text).

When the website designing, search engine optimization and content writing elements sit down together to plan out an email marketing campaign, the results are likely to have more of an impact. For instance, the HTML and landing pages created by the web page designer will need input from the content writer for better allocation of the newsletter elements.

The search engine marketing professionals are the ones who decipher the analytics of the business website to ensure that the campaign suits the target market. There are standard rules associated with an effective email marketing campaign like personalized messages, readable and concise text content, sign out options, etc.

However, without a collaborative effort from the content writer, web site designers and online SEO services elements of a professional online marketing company, your email marketing campaign is limited in scope.

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