Friday, December 25, 2009

Are You Industrious Beyond Your Website?

If your brand is new to the online scenario, you have to learn a lot. As a rookie, here is lesson number 1: There’s more to online marketing, than just creating a good website. Apart from taking care of the space that’s in your control on the WWW, there are other activities you need to get involved with.

You might be skeptical of some brands being found quite easily on Google’s natural listings. Well, this is the result of not one but a combination of online elements. In other words, you need to work beyond your online space and utilize other avenues within internet marketing to help your brand stretch evenly in all directions.

To have people flock to your website directly (by knowing the name of your site) is only a far fetched dream for a beginner. Thus you need to take the support of search engine marketing and other web solutions like online social media. Being part of Wikipedia, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter improves your search engine rankings drastically.

Having a blog spot also helps to a great extent. A blog spot on one of the most popular blog sites mainly Blogger or Wordpress is as good as having another site of your own to promote your brand. The potential of this idea has not been realize by every other online businesses. But those completely aware of this online marketing tool are at it vigorously.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Prosperous New Year Indeed!

Recession or no recession, online marketing is still the preferred choice of for advertisers and marketers. You might have taken a peek at the travel report provided by Bigmouthmedia regarding the leap in online advertising expenditure. Let alone the travel industry, there are many other reports and analysis made by various companies (EIAA,, etc.) all over the world about online advertising spends risen this year and rising in the year to come.

All these reports suggest a similar conclusion that is: a 7.6% increase in online advertising spends in 2010 and a 15% increase in the year 2011. As a business person, you would surely be curious thinking ‘Why the ascension?’

The internet is flexible and cost-effective at the same time. It has a place for everyone, big or small. If you take the help of website marketing services or online SEO services, you can be rest assured that your brand is in good hands. Stretch a tiny budget or expend heavily… its up to you. Either way, you know that your brand is in an atmosphere that will stimulate its growth. Also, social network ad spends have been forecasted to increase by 10% next year… This fact just adds to the prosperity and happiness your business will receive in 2010.

BUT YOU MUST KNOW that there are many marketers who have planned to reduce their expenditure on PPC ads the coming year. They are looking to allocate that budget towards other much effective online marketing tools like search engine marketing and genuine online public relations via press releases.

Cosmos Creatives wishes you a very Happy and Prosperous 2010!”

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sliding Your Brand into the Spotlight

Every brand must have a face as it has a name. But the face of your brand won’t have a personality unless it socializes. Your brand needs to meet and greet people, have conversations with them, engage them and ultimately become one with them. Online web solutions can easily do all of this for you.

Twitter and Facebook can be the best tools for online brand publicity, but there are other simple ways that help slide your brand into the spotlight i.e. by way of press releases, article writing, blog writing, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization. These tools help your brand gain recognition, dignity and splendor.

Play your cards well:

While online marketing tools like Twitter and Facebook can be used to publicize your company, they can also harm your reputation if you are unable to play your cards well. Then again, every vehicle and medium has its strengths and weaknesses. It is up to us to use these channels well. Using social media also stimulates word-of-mouth marketing which is an added advantage.

Give your customers a chance:

Your customers are waiting to talk to you. Being able to talk to those behind their favourite brands is a matter of pride to them too. According to recent findings, customers actually love voicing their opinions through social networks. So why deny them by not having a social presence online?

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lost in the Blogosphere?

Many of us write just for ourselves on the WWW. It does not matter whether you are writing on behalf of a company as a content writer or if you are writing for your own business; your writing needs to get social. Like Twitter and Facebook, you blogspot is also a part of social media. That’s why the ‘blogosphere’ exists. Whenever you write a post, it becomes part of the blogosphere or the network of blogs. This is just one part of social media.

Very few online SEO services realize how interactive a blog can get. Most of them treat a blog like another site or a means to divert traffic to the main site. While all of this is true, SEO blog writing services often forget that blogging is about the interaction and is not a one way form of communication. Thus only if you interact with people through other social media as well as through your blog posts, you can find out what your audience really wants. Interacting with those who read your blogs also motivates you to get back online and communicate. Place a poll, ask them to raise their voices about their likes and dislikes, accept criticism and make the changes they expect. When you blog to socialize, to get the word out or to communicate, you earn a good number of loyal and ardent followers in time.

The search engine marketers and content writers at Cosmos Creatives always work in collaboration. (Yes. The trick is to merge SEO and content writing.) Keeping all the essentials in mind, our online marketing company promotes the online businesses of our clients zealously.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is An Event Company Website Worth It?

If you own an event management company, a question like this might have probably crossed your mind. Take a look at the various event company websites online and you’ll soon be jotting down ideas for your very own company site. If you’re still half minded about whether a site will be worth the time and money you put into it… read on.

Imagine you have met with grand success at a motor-sport event. People here about your event management company but don’t know much about it. They remain in doubt about whether you have catered to fashion show events and others in the past, apart from motor-sport shows. Since you have an excellent website online made by professional web designers and web developers, your existing clients and even your potential clients find you. They check out your site and know how to contact you when they need to. Instead of driving around, your clients can easily sit at home or at their workplace to know more about your services, day or night.

Having your own space online is like saying ‘I exist’. When you further take the help of a professional website marketing company for website promotional purposes, you save more time and energy. This allows you to concentrate on your business rather than diverting your efforts at pulling clients.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is SMM scaring you off?

Assuming you know and have heard about social media marketing (SMM), I go on to say…

There are 2 important elements required to be invested in order to gain profits out of the online SEO solution called SMM. These 2 elements are very precious and cannot be found very easily. They aren’t even in the possession of some of the biggest corporations in the world. They are: Huge amounts of time and small amounts of money. Well now that you know what is needed for SMM, you can guess very well the kind of business that should exploit this web solution.

SMM is ideal for small businesses (This doesn’t mean it won’t work for large businesses at all). It’s just that those who have a shorter supply of money tend to easily and devotedly invest in time. I will let you know about how to start using SMM in my later posts; but first it is better you warm up on what this internet marketing solution is about.

SMM is part of the ‘Attention Age’ (-pointed out by Wiki). The more people know your brand, the huger the profits. For a small business, using online social media is relatively inexpensive compared to other offline forms of media. You can access it 24/7. In SMM your exposure is directly related to the amount of time you spend building relationships on social networks. As the nucleus of SMM is relationships, small businesses can get positively lucky on the WWW.

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Does your business have a Facebook page yet?

Facebook has been rated the 2nd most popular activity after iPods among under graduate college students. –Survey by Student Monitor.

Facebook has been declared as the most popular social networking site all over the WWW. By July 2009 its visitor count world over reached 200 million. Stats like these coupled with 0 costs of attaining the benefits of this online marketing tool, sure sound like a mouth watering deal to businesses as well as search engine marketing freaks. Guess what? Facebook is a great deal as it will perhaps provide you with fans or an audience who will adore you. To gain a fan base like that, all you need is to get started.

A lot of companies clearly portray that they are business oriented and stress on advertising their products. To become popular among your consumers, you need to think like one. That’s the whole idea of opening a Facebook account in the first place. If you realize what Facebook actually is… you will never make that mistake.

Facebook exists because of dialogue between passionate people. People formulate their own groups based on similar interests, likes or dislikes. The groups out here are awfully strong. So if you believe that your brand is something that will be loved by everyone, what are you waiting for? This is the perfect place to absorb chunks of new consumers. This is the perfect place to be.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Select a Domain Name?

If finding your site on search engines is important to you I recommend a domain name with keywords in it. Now-a–days, the average WWW visitor types the subject he is looking for, rather than a brand name. For example, would be a better name for website marketing than though the name Timothy would be unique. Of course keyword domains are usually taken but you need to find one that suits your company for better search engine marketing results.

In a domain name, the name is only one of the factors weighed in on search engines. The sites popularity, links to other websites and the content on your site are the other factors that matter.

Choosing a name that can be easily remembered is another thing you should do. Tricky domain names cannot be easily remembered. Long names are also a ‘no’. But even if you have decided on keeping the long name that’s more than two words, see that it is hyphenated between words. A name like does not need a hyphen because it is easily understood.

Lastly you can use extensions like .com, .net, .org, etc. to protect your domain. It is not necessary to build a site on all domains. But if you already have, you can also register so that nobody else can use a name like you have.

If you still need clarifications after reading this post, talk to our online SEO solutions experts at Cosmos Creatives.

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