Thursday, February 26, 2009

When Website Marketing can do Without Word-of-Mouth Pre-Marketing

Retailers will probably gasp when they hear this with either 1) disbelief or 2) delight. 

For a retailer or seller, to realize enormous sales without relying too heavily on word-of-mouth marketing is a big thing. When (let’s say) an unheard of clothes brand enters the field, not much can be said for it being a hit overnight. It rarely happens. 

Last month however, happen it did. And my online marketing sensibilities were buzzing with delight. 

A new clothes boutique opened up in my neighborhood without any fanfare and with no pre-marketing whatsoever in January. By the end of the launch day, this non-major brand, new player, etc. had sold out almost all their stock! 

Wouldn’t it be great if your website marketing efforts could pay off just so? To not spend on pre-launch gimmicks, to not depend on creating a viral buzz in the market, to enter the market on a whisper and conquer it with a bang- it would be budget-saving heaven. 

The clothes boutique of course did have a couple of things going for them (excellent location, great prices, friendly staff, etc.). One element they possessed was far more powerful than what their competitors in the neighborhood and the town had (or did not have) - exquisite quality. 

The shop was small, the staff few and the management with minimal retail experience. But they rocked the market with quality ware that were not offered by any other retailer in the area. The reasonable pricing helped too. 

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It is possible!

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Spread Goodwill - Include a Social Cause in Your Website Promotion

The message that captivated the world more than 2000 years ago still holds powerful sway today- “Loving thy neighbor” can come in many forms. Thanks to the web, the adage can be carried further to mean something more.

Groups like Amnesty International and Greenpeace have taken their crusade against human rights violations and environmental pollution respectively, to an even wider audience with their online portals. By encouraging webmasters, social networks, bloggers and site owners to use their badges, widgets and other media applications, they have managed to engage the web and give them a chance to hop on board. 

Corporations and even small companies are not far behind. Many NGOs run on corporate backing, which tend to finance most of the activities. This combination of corporate-charity awareness has been termed Cause-Related marketing (CRM). 

Everywhere on the internet today, there are pockets of communities, bloggers, etc. who use online marketing techniques incorporating CRM. Even regular users can attach their online spaces to a cause or multiple causes. 

Amit Agarwal posted a helpful tip the other day on inserting a cause in your Gmail signature. AdRants told users about a hastag that Twitterers could twit about to fight global poverty. Look around, there a lot of ways in which you can make a difference. 

Before you go berserk with social activism though, ask yourself if you expect your brand to generate revenue using such an internet marketing technique or whether you simply want it to contribute. While both are not bad reasons to support a cause, visitors will see through you or your brand if you take it overboard and use the charity solely for revenue generation. 

If you don’t know how to handle CRM, get in touch with professional online SEO services who know. Cosmos Creatives is ready to help.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great Online Marketing - Make your Brand Talk to the Target Market

I came across an interview with an interesting person on Shel Isreal’s blog the other day. It was with none other than Jeremiah Owyang, Senior Analyst and Personal Brand Master with Forrester Research

Jeremiah is something of a social media celebrity with a huge following on Twitter (32k plus at last count) and has done more than his bit for the online marketing genre as a whole.  

Switching back to the interview though, Jeremiah mentions something in his very first answer. 

Reminiscing upon his first days in the world of social media he states, “Talking to customers was important –whether or not any company’s culture is ready for it.” 

This truism held a lot of promise in the days when there were fewer brands and more ways to promote them. Looking at the way information technology and communication models keep reforming and reinventing themselves today, we can safely say that it is infinitely more important to understand what the consumer wants. 

We strongly believe internet marketing allows a brand marketer numerous and amazingly inventive ways of accomplishing this. You could hire a blog writing professional to help you get your company’s or your voice out to the world or you could go to each store you own and sit down with your customers for a little chat every now-and-then. 

In any corporate entity having a dedicated human resources cell, it is customary for the HR personnel to get to know and stay in regular touch with employee concerns. Extend to your customers and end-users this same courtesy and voila, you are doing your bit to market your brand! 

You can always hire a professional website promotion company to show you the ropes or even handle part of the job.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maybe your Search Engine Marketing Man is too Intense

I love a good argument, especially when it is a major voice in search engine marketing pitted against a major brand in computer technology. 

The other day, Gord Hotchkiss spoke on Search Insider about his concept of ‘brands that promise’ and ‘brands that are a religion’, citing Microsoft and Apple respectively as examples. Gord commented upon Microsoft’s decision to introduce retail stores selling products exclusively branded by them. 

He reasons, “First of all, Microsoft products are ubiquitous, so why do I need to go to a special store to find them? Secondly, Microsoft products have none of the religious aura surrounding them that Apple products do. The Microsoft brand never became more than a promise.” 

Religion? Aura? Promise? Is there a need to cross-analyze plain ole marketing or even online marketing for that matter, so deeply? 

A lot of brands begin spreading their message offline through plain word-of-mouth. Depending on their originality, they go on to become either a hit or a miss and then think of going a step further and finding ways like building up their online presence or even retail stores exclusively selling their products. 

Today, is famous among the online crowd as an online repository for individuals and brands who want to market their name on objects like shirts, shoes, mugs, posters, etc. The ubiquitous I Love NY image seen on souvenir shirts and other items is another brand synonymous with tourism promotion for the state/city. 

Microsoft is not asking to attain religion-status by branching into retail. They are simply marketing their brand using one of the most simple marketing ideas- their brand, for a price, on a tee-shirt. 

Get back to basic internet marketing y’all. Visit Cosmos Creatives for uncomplicated brand and website promotion.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Using Conflicting Interests to Further your Website Promotion Cause

In celeb-geek circles, the twitter fight between gossip-blogger Perez Hilton and singer/musician Lily Allen is big news. 

After a lot of name-calling and hate comments, the two minor celebrities finally decided to steer clear of each other’s twitter-turf. The rest of the world (including yours truly) however, followed the spat with great interest and debates regarding twitter etiquette, website promotion and public relation stunts are still raging. 

Quite interestingly, when I headed over to Perez Hilton’s website and scrolled down the comments for the incident I came across this:

I kid you not. 

Rumors about the tiff being a sham resurfaced in my mind, but I simply clubbed it with the rest of the film industry’s misdemeanors. That is not to say, such behavior does not exist on the online world though. 

A good many blog writing professionals actually advice blogging aspirants to stir up controversy by posting snarky comments on high-ranking blogs.  Another tactic is to get hold of a revolutionary new web meme and either a) rant against its value or b) openly broadcast its worthlessness to the rest of the world. 

Sadly, such tactics, more often than not do garner the required attention and the expected spike in blog/website traffic for all the parties concerned. If there is one fact you need to understand before you engage in such website marketing behavior though, then it is that the tag of unprofessionalism comes attached with infamousness. 

You do not want that for your brand (unless like Perez you thrive on it). Build up your brand image using ethical website promotion strategies. Get in touch with Cosmos Creatives to understand how. 

Image: screenshot of Perez's comment page post the twitterfight

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pay High for Quality Online Marketing or for only what the Business Needs?

The Boston Daily had a very interesting article today about Ivy League egg donors’ being offered an atrocious compensation compared to the regular woman on the street. This story could very well go on to become a major raging debate given the discrimination and humanity angle but for me, it has given me something more to ponder upon this fine Friday morning. 

In your search for an online marketing or even a good web development company, were you ever faced with a situation where you have had to choose between a good one and the better one? 

A good online web solutions company will be just what your business needs and will usually offer you nothing more and nothing less than what you need to get to the next stage of growth- all within your budget. A better one on the other hand, will offer you a lot more search engine marketing tricks, probably more than what your business requires and charge you a hefty bill for it as well. 

You might want to opt for the better one, given that they are offering you more. However, is it wise to forgo something good that is within your budget and is everything that you need, just for the sake of that something more? 

Parents searching for an egg donor would naturally want a child who is healthy and of sound mind before anything else. Having an enormous IQ, winning medals in physics and laurels in athletics are secondary considerations for parents facing difficulty conceiving a child and can only be termed as bonuses. 

Make a smart decision when you are deciding on competent online SEO services. Find more help at Cosmos Creatives

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Has Online Marketing Ever Made you or your Customers Smile?

When I came across Frito Lay’s online marketing campaign on Adrants, my Thursday definitely became Gigawatts brighter. Thanks to her post analyzing the Frito Lay Made for Each Other campaign, Angela Natividad made me aware of the video and brought to light a few things: 

  • Valentine’s Day commercialization can open up your eyes to rather unusual internet marketing tactics 
  • Viral videos can be super-mega powerful 
  • A good web development or online SEO services team can be brilliant with just a small viral plan 
  • When a viral video captures one mind, it does not take long to spread to another 
  • If your flash viral website does not load quickly, it’s can be a big waste of money (not to mention a turn-off for the client) 

In light of the brilliant Frito Lay online marketing campaign video I saw earlier, noticing the last point was a disappointment. Especially because they had made me hungry enough to explore their idea and their product in greater detail. 

People generally expect a whimsy take on website marketing from something like a food-related brand that caters largely to the young crowd. As a business-owner, going with this connection is a smart move. What I did not expect was for Frito Lay to use gadgets in their viral video (I expected tomatoes and assorted veggies) as the protagonists. 

This is what made me smile on this dull Thursday. And this is what makes me want to continue being different from the competition and grant our clients the same online web solutions edge. 

Enjoy one of the videos. 

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When the Big Guys Forget Proper Website Promotion

Quite simply, it can be a case of unmentionables hitting the fan. 

In my last post, I had spoken about corporate bigwigs and even small business honchos for that matter, performing subtle website promotion by way of blog writing, social bookmarking and networking. It is a big responsibility to spread awareness about your brand in such a manner. 

This is especially because of the less time available and more often, a lack of a thorough understanding of the processes involved in these online SEO solutions. It is easy to become lax in active website marketing

Look at Facebook and the recent ruckus over their ToS implementation. 

People love the social networking service, including me and when they announced their new privacy policy on President’s Day, it left a bitter taste in fan’s mouths. Why is that? 

To put it bluntly, they were very vague in their efforts for website promotion for such a major change. They announced it casually on their blog, which incidentally more people are aware of now than before. This is not the first time that Facebook has pulled such a stunt and from the look of things, they have not yet learnt different. 

If you ask me, they have just got down a few levels on their credibility levels with their users. Consider the enormous amount of people using Facebook. If they had promoted their corporate blog properly (read blog promotion), then maybe we users would have been more aware about the change and maybe we would have sat down and talked things nicely. 

So a few words for all you people blog writing and performing even basic internet marketing: take advice from professionals in social bookmarking and writing or better yet hire them for online PR or full-time blog management. 

Image by asplosh 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When the Big Guys Spontaneously Promote Websites

Last October, we had blogged a post on corporate groups and units like Dell and Dove taking customer relationships further and actually listening to their target audience. That piece of blog writing captured the attention of Dominique who had performed a study analyzing Dell’s strategy (and made us feel rather proud of that particular post). 

When we came across Scott Monty’s views upon the way his employers operate, we simply could not resist adding something to our old post. 

Scott says:

Coming down from the ivory tower every once in a while and interacting with your customers is an important aspect of any business. It's so important not to lose touch with the people that actually touch and use your products, to hear what they have to tell you and to be open about receiving feedback.” 

We absolutely agree with this point. Many enterprises and small businesses we have facilitated online web solutions for, usually request content writing and website marketing via blogs. Our first response to this request is to find out if the head honcho is conversant with Web 2.0 strategies like social bookmarking, blog writing and social media as a whole. 

If they are, then well and good. If not, then that is where we step in with our online SEO services and blogging assistance. 

Yes, you may be busy managing an entire organization or your small business. Regardless, when you have a professional online marketing entity ready to help you, then connecting with your audience is something you seriously must give a thought to. 

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Ever been Surprised by Octuplets when you were Expecting Twins?

It has been major news and is currently being tossed around tabloids, newspapers, medical journals, forums and on the blogosphere. Single mother and 33-year-old Nadya Suleman now has to deal with medical and moral controversy and her parents’ antagonism besides raising fourteen children. 

Like Nadya, have you ever found yourself in the same situation when dealing with unwarranted and unexpected results from your search engine marketing or website promotion efforts? 

Small business owners generally start with a small plan and budget and gradually feel their way towards meeting bigger goals. Even J.K. Rowling had humble beginnings, but look where rehashing a couple of fantasy books while sipping her cuppa took her! 

Luck may play some part in the entire process- something about being in the right place at the right time kind of jazz. However, there is something in this entire mix that simply cannot be ignored. You need to have the X factor in you, your plan or at the very least, in your online marketing professional. 

Nadya is happy with her choice of doctor and with the results of the IVF process. J.K. Rowling is happy with her hero and the result of her fantastical imaginings. Their small efforts did pay off- bigtime. 

Many small businesses we have offered our online SEO services for started with nothing more than a business plan. They trusted our online web solutions to get the job done for them and we took it from there to increase they ROI (however big or small the investment). 

Cosmos Creatives can convert your site visitors into conversions. Trust our formula, it works (and you don’t need to pay the world for it)!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Website Promotion & the All-important Keywords (They Have to be Everywhere)

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and newsfeeds and add a new one to my iGoogle list nearly every week. Currently, there are forty-four voices I subscribe to in the online marketing genre alone. Club them with the remaining nine genres that I think are wise to read up on a regular basis and you can imagine the amount of data that floods my homepage on a daily basis. 

I am sure many of you face the same task each day you open up your inbox, feed reader or homepage. If you do not then you are lucky, or simply more adept at choosing and balancing different sources. 

In my case, I need to search for the information I want on internet marketing alone from forty-four blogs, none of which have the exact same thing I am looking for. In such a situation, the smart move would be to look for the text that correlates to my search. 

The headline of course, is also the catch line. As many content writing and social bookmarking bigwigs will tell you, if your headline does not grab the reader then everything else you have to offer is of no consequence. The same goes for the subject line of an email and the headline of a news report. 

If you are a business clamoring for your customer’s attention, then your market position’s height is of no use. You still will not get that extra share of the market if your online SEO services do not know the importance of keywords. 

Ever since I realized the presence of relevant keywords in select parts of a website or blogsite, I have not demurred from implementing them. At Cosmos Creatives, we use them judiciously rather then indiscriminately. 

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eavesdropping, Blog Writing, Social Bookmarking/Networking and Website Promotion

Travelling in the bus or any kind of public transport makes us privy to countless conversations happening around us daily. You never know who might be admiring your laptop case one minute and commenting about it to the friend sitting next to them the next. 

While I was pondering over this behavior (it was in the news too), my mobile vibrated with a new twitter alert and to my surprise, I got a tweet commenting on this exact phenomenon. A tweep I follow came across another tweep on the public transport he catches daily and was delighted about it. My guess is they must have been sitting next to each other and twittering away when they noticed each other. 

Nevertheless, just like that, I saw a connection beginning and blossoming into a conversation on favorite websites and interesting website promotion material. It was addictive and very soon I felt compelled to put my own two bits in and one thing led to another and I found my online marketing quotient upped by a few notches. 

Therefore, here I am, indulging in some blog writing about this new behavior spreading over the internet and creeping into the ho-hum web solutions many vendors offer. 

Call it social media, call it new-age website marketing, call it what-you-may, this brand of internet marketing is too lucrative and captivating to ignore. It has made me tune in a trifle more to what’s happening around me and at the same time, it has also broadened my horizons, enlightened and roped me in to tell others about things I like and the online SEO services I found better then some others.  

So have you eavesdropped lately? Do tell us about how much wiser it has made you and if you would like Cosmos Creatives to do it for you.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spreading an Idea through Online Marketing is Great ROI

Much of what begins on the internet is the result of some really intelligent being thinking about something really simple, telling the next person about it and letting it spread like wild-fire. Of course, to aid the passage some more smart people appear on the scene, wrap this something nicely and in the process, pass it on to some more people. 

The producer of the concept, the marketer of the concept and the ultimate user of the concept are three elements that have played a very important role in online marketing or even successful marketing for that matter. Tossing ideas, sieving through the mess, finding the one that will click and sending it to the right people is the name of the game. 

From what I understand, Seth Godin calls this phenomenon an Ideavirus, while Chris Brogan wonderfully demonstrates the passage of an idea in action. 

Whichever way you tie the ribbon, what is important to note that is this stuff works, more so in online web solutions like search engine marketing and internet marketing thanks to the elimination of any barriers. 

News services used to be the broadcasters of ideas not so long ago. Today, through blog writing, twittering, v-logging, short messaging and a host of other convenient options, you and I are the new broadcasters. 

Where do you draw the line for your business in all this though? Can you depend on yourself to pass on your oh-so-brilliant idea to the world effectively? 

Maybe, or maybe not. Try out website promotion through online marketing. 

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Website Marketing via Email – Are Your Hired Marketers Empathetic Enough?

If there is one internet marketing medium that has experienced a steady expansion of influence, then it is email marketing. Not only does this marketing strategy command lesser investment, but it also known to show rapid results, if implemented properly. 

If implemented properly. 

These three words are very essential and must be considered by any professional online web solutions provider before offering website promotion through emails. 

If implemented properly, your online marketing professional need not depend on someone else’s contact list or on stealthy methods of obtaining email addresses. 

If implemented properly, they will think of using proactive avenues that are less formal like social bookmarking, the comment and follower lists gained through blog writing, etc. to obtain addresses. 

If implemented properly, your enterprise can reach out to the audience and grab his/her attention based on a well-drafted email or newsletter. 

So you see, email marketing may seem mighty convenient and shockingly inexpensive. What email marketing definitely is not is simple to create and market. Not anyone at all can generate an email list that includes people willing to hear your message. 

Additionally, only a pro at website marketing and content writing can establish a social network that is willing to hear more about the product or service in question. Such an individual usually commands a position in the marketplace that assures customers of a credible deal.   

So would you trust this inexpensive and simple website marketing strategy to someone who does not understand the market or would you rather hire someone who not only understands it but also recommends your product to it as only a friend would? 

The choice is very simple. 

Contact Cosmos Creatives to help you.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

How Powerful can the Football Season Prove to be for Online Marketing?

The broadcast of the championship game of the National Football League happens to be the most viewed television show in the America and this season is predicted to attract more than 100 million Americans.

How is that for viewership? 

Budgets and advertisement monies have been slashed considerably this year, but there is absolutely no denying the selling power harnessed within the major sporting event of the year. 

Consider online recipe and cookery websites, which have sprung up overnight, marketing delicacies for the hungry, beer-guzzling public. Football season has websites providing everything from catering services in New York and hot-dog vendor searches in your area to pool party organizers. 

Marketing managers may be doing their best to integrate offline with online marketing, but the efforts might just not be good enough

Regardless, social media services like Twitter have been abuzz with updates and commentary. I recently began following a search engine marketing professional and he happened to be a football aficionado. Within five minutes, more than half my wall was filled with tweets from him! He was commenting on everything from websites offering transport deals to game updates. 

After a point, it got a tad annoying but I was interested enough to keep scrolling through the tweets and actually checking out some of the sites mentioned. All this interest generated by one person alone. 

Imagine a hundred people blog writing, reporting and tweeting without any website marketing bias (or at least hiding their agenda very well) to more than a thousand people interested in the game. 

The numbers are enough to get caterers, retailers, sports goods and other related services websites to get into the game and allocate some of their marketing funds for truly affordable website promotion

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