Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eavesdropping, Blog Writing, Social Bookmarking/Networking and Website Promotion

Travelling in the bus or any kind of public transport makes us privy to countless conversations happening around us daily. You never know who might be admiring your laptop case one minute and commenting about it to the friend sitting next to them the next. 

While I was pondering over this behavior (it was in the news too), my mobile vibrated with a new twitter alert and to my surprise, I got a tweet commenting on this exact phenomenon. A tweep I follow came across another tweep on the public transport he catches daily and was delighted about it. My guess is they must have been sitting next to each other and twittering away when they noticed each other. 

Nevertheless, just like that, I saw a connection beginning and blossoming into a conversation on favorite websites and interesting website promotion material. It was addictive and very soon I felt compelled to put my own two bits in and one thing led to another and I found my online marketing quotient upped by a few notches. 

Therefore, here I am, indulging in some blog writing about this new behavior spreading over the internet and creeping into the ho-hum web solutions many vendors offer. 

Call it social media, call it new-age website marketing, call it what-you-may, this brand of internet marketing is too lucrative and captivating to ignore. It has made me tune in a trifle more to what’s happening around me and at the same time, it has also broadened my horizons, enlightened and roped me in to tell others about things I like and the online SEO services I found better then some others.  

So have you eavesdropped lately? Do tell us about how much wiser it has made you and if you would like Cosmos Creatives to do it for you.

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