Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great Online Marketing - Make your Brand Talk to the Target Market

I came across an interview with an interesting person on Shel Isreal’s blog the other day. It was with none other than Jeremiah Owyang, Senior Analyst and Personal Brand Master with Forrester Research

Jeremiah is something of a social media celebrity with a huge following on Twitter (32k plus at last count) and has done more than his bit for the online marketing genre as a whole.  

Switching back to the interview though, Jeremiah mentions something in his very first answer. 

Reminiscing upon his first days in the world of social media he states, “Talking to customers was important –whether or not any company’s culture is ready for it.” 

This truism held a lot of promise in the days when there were fewer brands and more ways to promote them. Looking at the way information technology and communication models keep reforming and reinventing themselves today, we can safely say that it is infinitely more important to understand what the consumer wants. 

We strongly believe internet marketing allows a brand marketer numerous and amazingly inventive ways of accomplishing this. You could hire a blog writing professional to help you get your company’s or your voice out to the world or you could go to each store you own and sit down with your customers for a little chat every now-and-then. 

In any corporate entity having a dedicated human resources cell, it is customary for the HR personnel to get to know and stay in regular touch with employee concerns. Extend to your customers and end-users this same courtesy and voila, you are doing your bit to market your brand! 

You can always hire a professional website promotion company to show you the ropes or even handle part of the job.

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