Thursday, February 19, 2009

Has Online Marketing Ever Made you or your Customers Smile?

When I came across Frito Lay’s online marketing campaign on Adrants, my Thursday definitely became Gigawatts brighter. Thanks to her post analyzing the Frito Lay Made for Each Other campaign, Angela Natividad made me aware of the video and brought to light a few things: 

  • Valentine’s Day commercialization can open up your eyes to rather unusual internet marketing tactics 
  • Viral videos can be super-mega powerful 
  • A good web development or online SEO services team can be brilliant with just a small viral plan 
  • When a viral video captures one mind, it does not take long to spread to another 
  • If your flash viral website does not load quickly, it’s can be a big waste of money (not to mention a turn-off for the client) 

In light of the brilliant Frito Lay online marketing campaign video I saw earlier, noticing the last point was a disappointment. Especially because they had made me hungry enough to explore their idea and their product in greater detail. 

People generally expect a whimsy take on website marketing from something like a food-related brand that caters largely to the young crowd. As a business-owner, going with this connection is a smart move. What I did not expect was for Frito Lay to use gadgets in their viral video (I expected tomatoes and assorted veggies) as the protagonists. 

This is what made me smile on this dull Thursday. And this is what makes me want to continue being different from the competition and grant our clients the same online web solutions edge. 

Enjoy one of the videos. 

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