Monday, February 2, 2009

How Powerful can the Football Season Prove to be for Online Marketing?

The broadcast of the championship game of the National Football League happens to be the most viewed television show in the America and this season is predicted to attract more than 100 million Americans.

How is that for viewership? 

Budgets and advertisement monies have been slashed considerably this year, but there is absolutely no denying the selling power harnessed within the major sporting event of the year. 

Consider online recipe and cookery websites, which have sprung up overnight, marketing delicacies for the hungry, beer-guzzling public. Football season has websites providing everything from catering services in New York and hot-dog vendor searches in your area to pool party organizers. 

Marketing managers may be doing their best to integrate offline with online marketing, but the efforts might just not be good enough

Regardless, social media services like Twitter have been abuzz with updates and commentary. I recently began following a search engine marketing professional and he happened to be a football aficionado. Within five minutes, more than half my wall was filled with tweets from him! He was commenting on everything from websites offering transport deals to game updates. 

After a point, it got a tad annoying but I was interested enough to keep scrolling through the tweets and actually checking out some of the sites mentioned. All this interest generated by one person alone. 

Imagine a hundred people blog writing, reporting and tweeting without any website marketing bias (or at least hiding their agenda very well) to more than a thousand people interested in the game. 

The numbers are enough to get caterers, retailers, sports goods and other related services websites to get into the game and allocate some of their marketing funds for truly affordable website promotion

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