Friday, February 20, 2009

Pay High for Quality Online Marketing or for only what the Business Needs?

The Boston Daily had a very interesting article today about Ivy League egg donors’ being offered an atrocious compensation compared to the regular woman on the street. This story could very well go on to become a major raging debate given the discrimination and humanity angle but for me, it has given me something more to ponder upon this fine Friday morning. 

In your search for an online marketing or even a good web development company, were you ever faced with a situation where you have had to choose between a good one and the better one? 

A good online web solutions company will be just what your business needs and will usually offer you nothing more and nothing less than what you need to get to the next stage of growth- all within your budget. A better one on the other hand, will offer you a lot more search engine marketing tricks, probably more than what your business requires and charge you a hefty bill for it as well. 

You might want to opt for the better one, given that they are offering you more. However, is it wise to forgo something good that is within your budget and is everything that you need, just for the sake of that something more? 

Parents searching for an egg donor would naturally want a child who is healthy and of sound mind before anything else. Having an enormous IQ, winning medals in physics and laurels in athletics are secondary considerations for parents facing difficulty conceiving a child and can only be termed as bonuses. 

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