Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spreading an Idea through Online Marketing is Great ROI

Much of what begins on the internet is the result of some really intelligent being thinking about something really simple, telling the next person about it and letting it spread like wild-fire. Of course, to aid the passage some more smart people appear on the scene, wrap this something nicely and in the process, pass it on to some more people. 

The producer of the concept, the marketer of the concept and the ultimate user of the concept are three elements that have played a very important role in online marketing or even successful marketing for that matter. Tossing ideas, sieving through the mess, finding the one that will click and sending it to the right people is the name of the game. 

From what I understand, Seth Godin calls this phenomenon an Ideavirus, while Chris Brogan wonderfully demonstrates the passage of an idea in action. 

Whichever way you tie the ribbon, what is important to note that is this stuff works, more so in online web solutions like search engine marketing and internet marketing thanks to the elimination of any barriers. 

News services used to be the broadcasters of ideas not so long ago. Today, through blog writing, twittering, v-logging, short messaging and a host of other convenient options, you and I are the new broadcasters. 

Where do you draw the line for your business in all this though? Can you depend on yourself to pass on your oh-so-brilliant idea to the world effectively? 

Maybe, or maybe not. Try out website promotion through online marketing. 

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