Monday, February 23, 2009

Using Conflicting Interests to Further your Website Promotion Cause

In celeb-geek circles, the twitter fight between gossip-blogger Perez Hilton and singer/musician Lily Allen is big news. 

After a lot of name-calling and hate comments, the two minor celebrities finally decided to steer clear of each other’s twitter-turf. The rest of the world (including yours truly) however, followed the spat with great interest and debates regarding twitter etiquette, website promotion and public relation stunts are still raging. 

Quite interestingly, when I headed over to Perez Hilton’s website and scrolled down the comments for the incident I came across this:

I kid you not. 

Rumors about the tiff being a sham resurfaced in my mind, but I simply clubbed it with the rest of the film industry’s misdemeanors. That is not to say, such behavior does not exist on the online world though. 

A good many blog writing professionals actually advice blogging aspirants to stir up controversy by posting snarky comments on high-ranking blogs.  Another tactic is to get hold of a revolutionary new web meme and either a) rant against its value or b) openly broadcast its worthlessness to the rest of the world. 

Sadly, such tactics, more often than not do garner the required attention and the expected spike in blog/website traffic for all the parties concerned. If there is one fact you need to understand before you engage in such website marketing behavior though, then it is that the tag of unprofessionalism comes attached with infamousness. 

You do not want that for your brand (unless like Perez you thrive on it). Build up your brand image using ethical website promotion strategies. Get in touch with Cosmos Creatives to understand how. 

Image: screenshot of Perez's comment page post the twitterfight


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