Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When the Big Guys Forget Proper Website Promotion

Quite simply, it can be a case of unmentionables hitting the fan. 

In my last post, I had spoken about corporate bigwigs and even small business honchos for that matter, performing subtle website promotion by way of blog writing, social bookmarking and networking. It is a big responsibility to spread awareness about your brand in such a manner. 

This is especially because of the less time available and more often, a lack of a thorough understanding of the processes involved in these online SEO solutions. It is easy to become lax in active website marketing

Look at Facebook and the recent ruckus over their ToS implementation. 

People love the social networking service, including me and when they announced their new privacy policy on President’s Day, it left a bitter taste in fan’s mouths. Why is that? 

To put it bluntly, they were very vague in their efforts for website promotion for such a major change. They announced it casually on their blog, which incidentally more people are aware of now than before. This is not the first time that Facebook has pulled such a stunt and from the look of things, they have not yet learnt different. 

If you ask me, they have just got down a few levels on their credibility levels with their users. Consider the enormous amount of people using Facebook. If they had promoted their corporate blog properly (read blog promotion), then maybe we users would have been more aware about the change and maybe we would have sat down and talked things nicely. 

So a few words for all you people blog writing and performing even basic internet marketing: take advice from professionals in social bookmarking and writing or better yet hire them for online PR or full-time blog management. 

Image by asplosh 


  1. I shall definitely keep this element in mind Edward. Great post btw.

    - Casey Andrews