Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When the Big Guys Spontaneously Promote Websites

Last October, we had blogged a post on corporate groups and units like Dell and Dove taking customer relationships further and actually listening to their target audience. That piece of blog writing captured the attention of Dominique who had performed a study analyzing Dell’s strategy (and made us feel rather proud of that particular post). 

When we came across Scott Monty’s views upon the way his employers operate, we simply could not resist adding something to our old post. 

Scott says:

Coming down from the ivory tower every once in a while and interacting with your customers is an important aspect of any business. It's so important not to lose touch with the people that actually touch and use your products, to hear what they have to tell you and to be open about receiving feedback.” 

We absolutely agree with this point. Many enterprises and small businesses we have facilitated online web solutions for, usually request content writing and website marketing via blogs. Our first response to this request is to find out if the head honcho is conversant with Web 2.0 strategies like social bookmarking, blog writing and social media as a whole. 

If they are, then well and good. If not, then that is where we step in with our online SEO services and blogging assistance. 

Yes, you may be busy managing an entire organization or your small business. Regardless, when you have a professional online marketing entity ready to help you, then connecting with your audience is something you seriously must give a thought to. 

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