Thursday, February 26, 2009

When Website Marketing can do Without Word-of-Mouth Pre-Marketing

Retailers will probably gasp when they hear this with either 1) disbelief or 2) delight. 

For a retailer or seller, to realize enormous sales without relying too heavily on word-of-mouth marketing is a big thing. When (let’s say) an unheard of clothes brand enters the field, not much can be said for it being a hit overnight. It rarely happens. 

Last month however, happen it did. And my online marketing sensibilities were buzzing with delight. 

A new clothes boutique opened up in my neighborhood without any fanfare and with no pre-marketing whatsoever in January. By the end of the launch day, this non-major brand, new player, etc. had sold out almost all their stock! 

Wouldn’t it be great if your website marketing efforts could pay off just so? To not spend on pre-launch gimmicks, to not depend on creating a viral buzz in the market, to enter the market on a whisper and conquer it with a bang- it would be budget-saving heaven. 

The clothes boutique of course did have a couple of things going for them (excellent location, great prices, friendly staff, etc.). One element they possessed was far more powerful than what their competitors in the neighborhood and the town had (or did not have) - exquisite quality. 

The shop was small, the staff few and the management with minimal retail experience. But they rocked the market with quality ware that were not offered by any other retailer in the area. The reasonable pricing helped too. 

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It is possible!

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