Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Website Marketing Truth - What Users Like Differs from What you Think they Like

Some of the mails to make their way to my inbox each day are survey results from various research and statistics groups. Far from subscribing to random survey ‘professionals’ I prefer to stick to reputed organizations that make it their business to know what the world is up to- digital or real. 

For effective website promotion, these researches and surveys are conducted to gauge the mind of the consumer and are extremely vital. Not only do they give a bigger picture of what the end-user prefers, but they also help determine many factors that could turn out to be instrumental in brand growth. 

SEOBook for instance, found out through statistics that there is no telling what one stratum of users will like compared to the other. They mention a valid point, “Academic essays sound authoritative, even if what they say is nonsense, because they are long winded and use big words.” 

Speaking about the target audience they add, “An academic approach isn't much use if people can't comprehend what you're saying.” 

Do no expect an online marketing professional to grasp the target market thoroughly. There will always be a section of the audience that will not find much interest in the way a website is promoted. 

For a business to succeed on the web or at the very least, attain some measure of success, it is essential that business owners comprehend their brand’s expectations before anyone else’s. It would not hurt to have a team of website marketing consultants working on analyzing sales data and conducting necessary surveys. 

Call Cosmos Creatives, to understand how we carry out these functions.

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Website Solutions to Heed: Satisfying the Locals

Apart from clients based in the US, our online web solutions also handle clients from the Middle East and from other parts of the world. Part and parcel of being an international group is the need to appeal to users from different parts of the world. 

When visitors arrive at websites expected to have a higher indigenous presence, it can be rather disappointing to see otherwise. A website or seller cannot afford  to be impersonal or indifferent to the local tastes. 

Most online SEO solutions endeavor to empower a brand in a manner as to make them easily accessible to the desired target market. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using online marketing techniques like choosing a domain name that is country specific. 

Another way to make websites appeal to local users is by designing the site using elements like graphics, typefaces, photographs, etc. highlighting local tastes. Some internet marketing companies can either change the look of the entire sister website or it can simply include a functionality that makes exploring easier. 

Consider a user from Latin America looking for Barbie dolls for instance. The online Barbie store has included a functionality that allows Latin American users who are more comfortable in their own language to access the site. The Latin American sister site has not deviated from the original look and feel of the website and has yet managed to be accessible to this section of users. 

Summing up, no effective website can be created without researching local tastes and requirements. Conversions require more than just a few stereotypical implementations. Contact Cosmos Creatives to know better. 

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Make your Customers see & love Red with Smart Online Marketing

Research reveals that eighty percent of the visual information processed by human beings is color-related. From the extensive spectrum of colors used today to sell a brand, there is no color more compelling and sale-worthy than the color red. 

Color psychology is as much a component of web page design as it is for website marketing. Working in tandem with web site designers, online SEO services can effectively coordinate the rules of color distribution on a website. 

For any profit-minded business, the call to action is an important online marketing and page element. Without an effectively crafted call to action, there is no possible way for retailers and services to expect a boost in sales or conversions. 

Attending to this fact of retailing, online web solutions like color psychology are implemented to coerce sales. Using the color red is one of the most simple and effective ways in which this can be accomplished. 

The folks at SearchMarketingGurus say, “If your headlines are in red, subheadings in red, navigation links in red, logo is mainly red, and your ‘buy now’ button is a light purple pastel text link or small button, readers will scan right past it.” 

Regardless of their importance, red text, red images, red graphics and red accents should be used sparingly as they can overwhelm users and could lead to a high bounce rate on the website’s pages. Bounce rate refers to the time users take to read and dismiss the page. 

Contact Cosmos Creatives to find the best way in which red can be deployed to assist a rise in sales and conversions. 

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Travel Agencies can Fare Better with a Competent Online Web Solutions

In a large way, tourism is about opportunities for people to have a good time in a foreign land or a different place. When travelers request tourism services, they want to get the best value for their money. Thus, if the tourist is not aware of the tour operator’s brand, there is no way he will know how much value the brand can actually provide him. 

Agent/consultant to client (B2B) interaction could very well be the key and activities like social bookmarking and networking might do the trick to aid this fragile connection. 

Compete statistics realized a jump in referrals (websites/online identities that recommend a site) to hotel websites by 151 percent since last February from social networking websites and services alone- a very interesting figure. 

So how can your travel website accomplish such an online marketing coup? 

In case your business does not yet possess a consolidated online public relations plan or specialist, it is perhaps time to hire a website marketing company. Good online web solutions can formulate a website promotion plan that can encompass the social networks currently in flavor online. 

This is not to say that other modes of marketing are to be overlooked. Online advertising is still a big deal. Web solutions like banner advertising can draw excellent conversions (the site visitors who make a sale) as are campaigns for email marketing. 

Each day I am pleased to see online communities and bloggers acquiring services like Twitter, social bookmarking via Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon and topic specific wikis for reaching out to their users. 

Do not let your business lose this vital new demographic. Get busy with our incredible web solutions

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Website Marketing and Moms – Good for Business

Slowly and conspicuously mommy bloggers have been spreading their influence over the internet, touching everything from web development and online grammar tutorials to knitting and car reviews. Nationality and geographical location are hardly any hindrance with women from the Gulf and Australia happily blogging and building communities. 

Have internet, will blog seems to be the motto of this new generation of women, many of them full-time mothers and engaged in a variety of activities. 

There are many women bloggers out there matching strides with practically any man in any field online. Lorelle VanFossen  can pretty much hold her own against the Matt Mullenwegs of the world while the women behind BlogHer have created a wonderful community. 

If there is one thing I have learnt, then it is to never underestimate the marketing potential women possess and I am not even talking about putting their face on a product. 

Mommy bloggers are powerful voices on the internet and can be fantastic for website marketing. Many women follow popular online magazines like Jezebel.com, twitterers like @WomenCan and blogs like The Martha Blog. Even lesser known mommy bloggers like The Secret is in the Sauce enjoy a decent fan following. 

Designing jobs, baby products, lifestyle aids, fitness services, interior decoration, a new music album and more are everyday recommended, reviewed, suggested and dumped by these powerful networks. If you have a product that might appeal to this community of online consumers then you very well think hard about online web solutions that help penetrate this market. 

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Comfort Zone Killer No.1 - Broaden your Website Marketing Efforts

Nobody ever thought to associate the words hip and tech-savvy with ‘ye olde’ White House, at least no one until the newest president to grace its seat- Barack Obama, stepped into the picture. 

From his campaigning style to his interaction levels with the average American public, the marketing potential of the then Presidential candidate was exploited to its fullest. A lighter and at the same time more serious side of its highest office surfaced in the American mindset, in a manner that would appeal to its common people. 

America came out of its comfort zone and began moving with the times. It changed. 

Email campaigns, pop icon-style posters, first-person blogs, interactive widgets, informative tweets, etc. were a major part of the online marketing campaign of the President. An increase in youth participation was the direct effort of these internet marketing efforts- a boost Presidential campaigns throughout history had been sorely lacking. 

To reach a higher percentage and demographic of end-users, it is imperative to expand website promotion strategies. A single point of focus is harmful if you are looking for expansion and growth for your business. 

You might have to hire a web page designer or a team of online SEO services, but make sure you have a plan for your business and budget and a consultant who is efficient with such marketing concepts. B.L. Ochman puts it best. She says, “Just as you don't do your own taxes, fill your own teeth, or, hopefully, do your own plumbing repair, it's wise to learn from experts.” 

Only a blog, a pamphlet distribution network, or a twitter campaign alone will not get your business out there. We understand this and make them all a part of our online web solutions strategy. 

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Website Marketing & the Name Game

Uppermost on this topic is the rechristened SCI FI Channel, now known rather dubiously by the moniker Scyfy Channel. The television channel has been around for more than 15 years and has been largely catering to: you guessed it right, the science fiction genre. 

Matt from the Groovy Superhero feels that the TV channel is going down the road previously treaded by MTV with their shift from a music-dominated channel to reality and live TV shows broadcaster after their image revamp. 

In fact, the opinions about this transition are vociferous and through it all I am wondering just how much they are benefitting from all the unconscious (or maybe deliberate) online marketing

This particular rebranding stunt hit the message boards when talk about the Facebook layout and Tropicana package redesign, two other unappreciated moves by well-known brands was still fresh. Tropicana quickly backtracked though and is back with its old logo and packaging, while the new Facebook is being explained as an adaptation to micro media standards (Jaiku, Twitter, etc.). 

I wonder if Scyfy will do the same or battle on in their pursuit to ‘imagine greater’

Regardless, it is a bold step to take and just like how it is with every other brand, it is a risk- one that might very well affect your brand along its own growth timeline. What do you do then? 

Some options: 

  1. Consider your audience opinion. They are the end-users after all.
  2. Take a branding expert’s opinion. They have made a career out of it, so they know what clicks.
  3. Hire a competent internet marketing consultant. A good one can introduce the transition smoothly. 

For understanding professional website promotion and brand marketing, contact Cosmos Creatives

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do Cross-departmental Differences Obstruct your Online Marketing Efforts?

Transitions from accepted courses of action to newer ones are never easy. When this transition involves a shift from exclusively traditional offline marketing to a gradual inclusion of newer online marketing strategies, the shift is more pronounced. 

A company or business could be a one-person entity or it could be a multi-department enterprise, it still has to perform many functions to keep running and profitable. Even a one-person entity cannot escape this vital function. 

In a large corporation with numerous units, it is a different story altogether. Those in the administrative seats keep the wheels well oiled, but some degree of ignorance about other units aside from your own still occurs. 

Thus, when the internet marketing team proposes some realignment of resources to meet the overall marketing goals profitably, the PR and marketing department could veto them out simply because they have gone beyond established budgets. 

Of course, if the marketing team vetoes them out simply because they have not heard of perfectly acceptable internet marketing techniques, then you know it is time they revamped their knowledge. 

Nonetheless, it is better for your business if the various units of the marketing department work as a cohesive whole. Smooth communication is essential as is keeping one another updated with marketing projects. 

Jolina of TopRank Marketing advises corporations to make sure the “public relations team is bought into the SEO process early” and maintains that it is “the first step”. According to her, “This can be accomplished by helping PR practitioners understand the benefits to their own media relations initiatives, by leveraging SEO.” 

If you doubt your marketing departments are too weak to manage this, you can always hire a reliable website promotion consultant.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Web Page Design

Dominique Hind, an interesting blogger I regularly read spoke about Toyota’s environmental efforts in her latest post, highlighting an element that is beginning to show up on a good many corporate websites. I am referring to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

Best described as an effort undertaken by a company to self-regulate their business processes and dealings, CSR could have many implications, all of them good. When a company decides to implement a corporate social responsibility code into their workings, they can benefit the environment, their staff, the community as well as their own industry. 

Incorporating a code like this into your web page design and business concept is a step inclined to supply consumers with a more thorough understanding of your business dealings and paints your business in a better light. IBM, Dell, Proctor & Gamble, Avon, Starbucks and a lot many corporate groups are assimilating website promotion with CSR to good advantage, whether offline or online. 

A company can express their corporate social responsibility efforts in a variety of different ways. It could choose to support a charity, it could take up a local cause and fight for it, it could engage in environmental conservation efforts or it could even set up programs that benefit its own employees. 

If you are a big business or corporate entity seeking to expand your CSR efforts, then here is some advice- spread the word. Either put your public relations team working on a good action plan or get your online marketing experts to promote your stand on CSR. 

On a parting note, you do not have to be a large-scale enterprise to adapt a CSR code into your website marketing plan. Just about any business model can benefit from it.

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Let’s take a Look at some Website Marketing Statistics

I wouldn’t know how many of you have come across the 2008 report on website promotion trends released by Nielson Online, but incase you haven’t please have a good look at them

The Neilson report points to one pertinent marketing strategy that has been slowly gaining momentum across the internet- social networking. Last year 67 percent of the web populace visited community pages like blogsites and social networks. 

A big number, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you like to reach out to at least a chunk of this big number? 

If you would like to, then consider hiring online web solutions providers to do this job for you.  

Social media marketing, social media optimization and social bookmarking are rapidly being clubbed with older internet marketing techniques. With the rise of various interactive applications and websites, it has become imperative for the average retailer and seller to use these convenient and effective website marketing ideas. 

Would you rather be a seller who engages his potential client’s interest and then makes an honest effort towards satisfying it (thus contributing to a great buying experience) or would you rather be a seller who would take a shot in the dark and randomly target potential customers? 

Based on our experience of both types of sellers, we can assure you that the latter type does not really benefit from these marketing efforts in the long run. 

What you need is a professional search engine marketing plan to not only benefit your business right now, but also ensure client interest for much more than a few months. Statistics never lie and its time you made good use of them for your business. 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Disregarding Language Etiquette in the Pursuit of Trendy Website Marketing

There is an intense discussion raging around the latest website promotion tactics employed by confectionary brand Skittles, so much that I really will not bother relating the pros and cons of this move. Enough parallels have been drawn and dissected between the advertising agency Modernista and Skittles

I shall move on to something I find more important and influential in this entire fracas- mainly, the relation between the brand image and the language used on the website. 

David Armano has highlighted this brilliantly and it never fails to amaze me how many enterprises yet employ media that is in complete opposition to their organization’s ideals and beliefs. 

There is undoubtedly a surplus of social media when it comes to online web solutions and deciding the one or even a combination of select media that is best for you or your brand is an essential step. 

One thing that you need to remember is that no matter what audience age-bracket you are dealing with, the language used in your various interactions must be polite and not profane. Swearing and short message-style language might seem cool and informal, but they reflect on the professional attitude of the brand. 

Consumers do not want the services of a brand that seems to walk another talk. Maintain uniformity in the content you let out on your website. 

In your search for a search engine marketing and website promotion professional, make sure you select one that understands the relevance of language and its psychological impact on your company’s target audience.

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