Monday, March 23, 2009

Comfort Zone Killer No.1 - Broaden your Website Marketing Efforts

Nobody ever thought to associate the words hip and tech-savvy with ‘ye olde’ White House, at least no one until the newest president to grace its seat- Barack Obama, stepped into the picture. 

From his campaigning style to his interaction levels with the average American public, the marketing potential of the then Presidential candidate was exploited to its fullest. A lighter and at the same time more serious side of its highest office surfaced in the American mindset, in a manner that would appeal to its common people. 

America came out of its comfort zone and began moving with the times. It changed. 

Email campaigns, pop icon-style posters, first-person blogs, interactive widgets, informative tweets, etc. were a major part of the online marketing campaign of the President. An increase in youth participation was the direct effort of these internet marketing efforts- a boost Presidential campaigns throughout history had been sorely lacking. 

To reach a higher percentage and demographic of end-users, it is imperative to expand website promotion strategies. A single point of focus is harmful if you are looking for expansion and growth for your business. 

You might have to hire a web page designer or a team of online SEO services, but make sure you have a plan for your business and budget and a consultant who is efficient with such marketing concepts. B.L. Ochman puts it best. She says, “Just as you don't do your own taxes, fill your own teeth, or, hopefully, do your own plumbing repair, it's wise to learn from experts.” 

Only a blog, a pamphlet distribution network, or a twitter campaign alone will not get your business out there. We understand this and make them all a part of our online web solutions strategy. 

Image Credit: preciouskhyatt

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