Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do Cross-departmental Differences Obstruct your Online Marketing Efforts?

Transitions from accepted courses of action to newer ones are never easy. When this transition involves a shift from exclusively traditional offline marketing to a gradual inclusion of newer online marketing strategies, the shift is more pronounced. 

A company or business could be a one-person entity or it could be a multi-department enterprise, it still has to perform many functions to keep running and profitable. Even a one-person entity cannot escape this vital function. 

In a large corporation with numerous units, it is a different story altogether. Those in the administrative seats keep the wheels well oiled, but some degree of ignorance about other units aside from your own still occurs. 

Thus, when the internet marketing team proposes some realignment of resources to meet the overall marketing goals profitably, the PR and marketing department could veto them out simply because they have gone beyond established budgets. 

Of course, if the marketing team vetoes them out simply because they have not heard of perfectly acceptable internet marketing techniques, then you know it is time they revamped their knowledge. 

Nonetheless, it is better for your business if the various units of the marketing department work as a cohesive whole. Smooth communication is essential as is keeping one another updated with marketing projects. 

Jolina of TopRank Marketing advises corporations to make sure the “public relations team is bought into the SEO process early” and maintains that it is “the first step”. According to her, “This can be accomplished by helping PR practitioners understand the benefits to their own media relations initiatives, by leveraging SEO.” 

If you doubt your marketing departments are too weak to manage this, you can always hire a reliable website promotion consultant.

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