Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Web Page Design

Dominique Hind, an interesting blogger I regularly read spoke about Toyota’s environmental efforts in her latest post, highlighting an element that is beginning to show up on a good many corporate websites. I am referring to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

Best described as an effort undertaken by a company to self-regulate their business processes and dealings, CSR could have many implications, all of them good. When a company decides to implement a corporate social responsibility code into their workings, they can benefit the environment, their staff, the community as well as their own industry. 

Incorporating a code like this into your web page design and business concept is a step inclined to supply consumers with a more thorough understanding of your business dealings and paints your business in a better light. IBM, Dell, Proctor & Gamble, Avon, Starbucks and a lot many corporate groups are assimilating website promotion with CSR to good advantage, whether offline or online. 

A company can express their corporate social responsibility efforts in a variety of different ways. It could choose to support a charity, it could take up a local cause and fight for it, it could engage in environmental conservation efforts or it could even set up programs that benefit its own employees. 

If you are a big business or corporate entity seeking to expand your CSR efforts, then here is some advice- spread the word. Either put your public relations team working on a good action plan or get your online marketing experts to promote your stand on CSR. 

On a parting note, you do not have to be a large-scale enterprise to adapt a CSR code into your website marketing plan. Just about any business model can benefit from it.

Image Credit: FrauBucher 

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