Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let’s take a Look at some Website Marketing Statistics

I wouldn’t know how many of you have come across the 2008 report on website promotion trends released by Nielson Online, but incase you haven’t please have a good look at them

The Neilson report points to one pertinent marketing strategy that has been slowly gaining momentum across the internet- social networking. Last year 67 percent of the web populace visited community pages like blogsites and social networks. 

A big number, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you like to reach out to at least a chunk of this big number? 

If you would like to, then consider hiring online web solutions providers to do this job for you.  

Social media marketing, social media optimization and social bookmarking are rapidly being clubbed with older internet marketing techniques. With the rise of various interactive applications and websites, it has become imperative for the average retailer and seller to use these convenient and effective website marketing ideas. 

Would you rather be a seller who engages his potential client’s interest and then makes an honest effort towards satisfying it (thus contributing to a great buying experience) or would you rather be a seller who would take a shot in the dark and randomly target potential customers? 

Based on our experience of both types of sellers, we can assure you that the latter type does not really benefit from these marketing efforts in the long run. 

What you need is a professional search engine marketing plan to not only benefit your business right now, but also ensure client interest for much more than a few months. Statistics never lie and its time you made good use of them for your business. 

Image Credit: Davichi

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