Monday, March 30, 2009

Make your Customers see & love Red with Smart Online Marketing

Research reveals that eighty percent of the visual information processed by human beings is color-related. From the extensive spectrum of colors used today to sell a brand, there is no color more compelling and sale-worthy than the color red. 

Color psychology is as much a component of web page design as it is for website marketing. Working in tandem with web site designers, online SEO services can effectively coordinate the rules of color distribution on a website. 

For any profit-minded business, the call to action is an important online marketing and page element. Without an effectively crafted call to action, there is no possible way for retailers and services to expect a boost in sales or conversions. 

Attending to this fact of retailing, online web solutions like color psychology are implemented to coerce sales. Using the color red is one of the most simple and effective ways in which this can be accomplished. 

The folks at SearchMarketingGurus say, “If your headlines are in red, subheadings in red, navigation links in red, logo is mainly red, and your ‘buy now’ button is a light purple pastel text link or small button, readers will scan right past it.” 

Regardless of their importance, red text, red images, red graphics and red accents should be used sparingly as they can overwhelm users and could lead to a high bounce rate on the website’s pages. Bounce rate refers to the time users take to read and dismiss the page. 

Contact Cosmos Creatives to find the best way in which red can be deployed to assist a rise in sales and conversions. 

Image Credit: atomicjeep

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