Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Website Marketing and Moms – Good for Business

Slowly and conspicuously mommy bloggers have been spreading their influence over the internet, touching everything from web development and online grammar tutorials to knitting and car reviews. Nationality and geographical location are hardly any hindrance with women from the Gulf and Australia happily blogging and building communities. 

Have internet, will blog seems to be the motto of this new generation of women, many of them full-time mothers and engaged in a variety of activities. 

There are many women bloggers out there matching strides with practically any man in any field online. Lorelle VanFossen  can pretty much hold her own against the Matt Mullenwegs of the world while the women behind BlogHer have created a wonderful community. 

If there is one thing I have learnt, then it is to never underestimate the marketing potential women possess and I am not even talking about putting their face on a product. 

Mommy bloggers are powerful voices on the internet and can be fantastic for website marketing. Many women follow popular online magazines like, twitterers like @WomenCan and blogs like The Martha Blog. Even lesser known mommy bloggers like The Secret is in the Sauce enjoy a decent fan following. 

Designing jobs, baby products, lifestyle aids, fitness services, interior decoration, a new music album and more are everyday recommended, reviewed, suggested and dumped by these powerful networks. If you have a product that might appeal to this community of online consumers then you very well think hard about online web solutions that help penetrate this market. 

Image Credit: gotplaid? 

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