Thursday, March 19, 2009

Website Marketing & the Name Game

Uppermost on this topic is the rechristened SCI FI Channel, now known rather dubiously by the moniker Scyfy Channel. The television channel has been around for more than 15 years and has been largely catering to: you guessed it right, the science fiction genre. 

Matt from the Groovy Superhero feels that the TV channel is going down the road previously treaded by MTV with their shift from a music-dominated channel to reality and live TV shows broadcaster after their image revamp. 

In fact, the opinions about this transition are vociferous and through it all I am wondering just how much they are benefitting from all the unconscious (or maybe deliberate) online marketing

This particular rebranding stunt hit the message boards when talk about the Facebook layout and Tropicana package redesign, two other unappreciated moves by well-known brands was still fresh. Tropicana quickly backtracked though and is back with its old logo and packaging, while the new Facebook is being explained as an adaptation to micro media standards (Jaiku, Twitter, etc.). 

I wonder if Scyfy will do the same or battle on in their pursuit to ‘imagine greater’

Regardless, it is a bold step to take and just like how it is with every other brand, it is a risk- one that might very well affect your brand along its own growth timeline. What do you do then? 

Some options: 

  1. Consider your audience opinion. They are the end-users after all.
  2. Take a branding expert’s opinion. They have made a career out of it, so they know what clicks.
  3. Hire a competent internet marketing consultant. A good one can introduce the transition smoothly. 

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