Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Website Marketing Truth - What Users Like Differs from What you Think they Like

Some of the mails to make their way to my inbox each day are survey results from various research and statistics groups. Far from subscribing to random survey ‘professionals’ I prefer to stick to reputed organizations that make it their business to know what the world is up to- digital or real. 

For effective website promotion, these researches and surveys are conducted to gauge the mind of the consumer and are extremely vital. Not only do they give a bigger picture of what the end-user prefers, but they also help determine many factors that could turn out to be instrumental in brand growth. 

SEOBook for instance, found out through statistics that there is no telling what one stratum of users will like compared to the other. They mention a valid point, “Academic essays sound authoritative, even if what they say is nonsense, because they are long winded and use big words.” 

Speaking about the target audience they add, “An academic approach isn't much use if people can't comprehend what you're saying.” 

Do no expect an online marketing professional to grasp the target market thoroughly. There will always be a section of the audience that will not find much interest in the way a website is promoted. 

For a business to succeed on the web or at the very least, attain some measure of success, it is essential that business owners comprehend their brand’s expectations before anyone else’s. It would not hurt to have a team of website marketing consultants working on analyzing sales data and conducting necessary surveys. 

Call Cosmos Creatives, to understand how we carry out these functions.

Image Credit: * etoile 

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