Friday, April 17, 2009

The Bored Teenager Syndrome & Internet Marketing to Them

Last weekend was a hectic one for Twitter the micro-networking service, with the troubleshooting team working overtime to fix a bug attack. While bugs are not uncommon in popular web services, what made this one stand out was the fact that a 17-year-old masterminded it. Because he was ‘bored’

A number of questions are being raised over this new teenage trend and the bored teenager syndrome seems set to receive worldwide notice. 

The number of teenagers using the internet and especially social networks these days is rising. In a recent estimate, eMarketer thinks 75 percent of US internet users will be aged between 12 and 17 by the end of this year. However, by 2013 this statistic is expected to rise up to 79 percent! 

Can your search engine marketing efforts afford to miss such a large audience then? 

Each day, there are kids much younger than you and I buying goods, selling hand-made products, making friends, broadcasting their lives and in short, performing numerous web-related activities. eBay, social networks, Amazon, the search engines, gaming forums, online shopping sites and YouTube are where they hang out. 

The good thing about online marketing is that it has many ways of reaching out to this vibrant section of the WWW. Flash banners, pay per click campaigns and social bookmarking besides new online web solutions emerging each day are just a fraction of them. 

This audience is fickle though and largely driven by trends and change. It is no simple matter reaching out to them and keeping them hooked. This is where our online SEO services come in. Apart from the regular solutions, we keep implementing new media methods in all our processes. Get the edge with our help. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why Word of Mouth is Important for Website Promotion

“Satisfied customers tell three friends, angry customers tell 3,000.” Besides Pete Blackshaw, many businessmen and entrepreneurs believe strongly in this business truth. 

In this day and age, word of mouth marketing simply cannot be ignored. Online marketing professionals implement many ways to reach out to the average consumer today. However, if the consumer does this job for the product or service, then the marketing campaign’s aim has been met. 

There are products like the iPhones that are propelled into the target market simply by way of being an excellent product. Then again, there are the individual artisans on Etsy who use the portal as a means of reaching out to the consumer. 

Much of the social media tools currently emerging and blossoming on the web today are dependent on word of mouth. One of the reasons why Pownce did not take off like Twitter was because of its low user-friendly quotient. 

Through services like Twitter and the more recent Facebook Pages, small businesses have realized the true potential of word of mouth internet marketing. All you need is a good product and the right initial contact point and the rest is taken care of. 

Think about a medium like Facebook. In March 2009, the social networking website crossed 200 million users! Businesses, mothers, teenagers, organizations and a lot of varied users have their home on Facebook. Imagine them all spreading the news about your product via word of mouth website marketing

Of course, the trick is to catch hold of the right medium and the right user. This is where Cosmos Creatives can help you out. Get in touch with us to know more about our efficient online web solutions

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Online Marketing and Mixed Business Models

Mike Michalowicz functions under the rather strange moniker of the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, but contrary to general opinion, he speaks about many interesting things on his blog. One good example is his post about a bank adapting a fast food joint’s business model, and making a success out of it. 

Such cases may be rare, but more often than not, are a hit if only for their novelty. 

A change here, a tweak there and there is enough scope for a business to capture an entirely new or increase a previously smaller number of consumers. Online marketing a business with these concepts in mind is worth a try. Why? Because this form of marketing costs lesser then other methods. 

It is all about taking time to know your audience and understanding what makes them tick. Any website marketing professional will tell you that its research into the consumer mind that makes the difference between a successful website and an underdone one. 

Online web solutions are not only inexpensive to carry out for marketing purposes, but the good thing about them is that they are measurable. From email marketing to pay per click campaigns, SEOs have ways to tabulate data and predict results. 

To know how you can implement these methods to promote your business, get in touch with Cosmos Creatives for website promotion and online SEO services.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Does your Web Page Design Render your Site Accessible for Customers?

I became a member of a travel website today and they had me very frustrated at the registration process itself. 


Their registration page was tedious, with an activation key being sent to my inbox after filling in my details. I had to go back to my inbox, copy the key, paste it onto the registration page and only then could I complete my registration.   

In the run to make your web page design sleek and exclusive, you need to ask yourself one question- whether you are you turning off users with small details like these. 

Online marketing relies heavily on analysis and user preferences. If businesses do not consider the needs and obstacles their demographic is facing then website marketing efforts are rendered useless. For site visitors using a connection that is unstable or of low bandwidth, a lengthy or complicated sign in process can mean a loss of potential consumers. 

If you have created a website in the hope of garnering conversions, this is not a good sign. Conversions are very essential for a business and website promotion largely revolves around getting as many of them as is possible. 

While some online web solutions go about them in ways that are frowned upon, web solutions that understand the need and importance of website accessibility are the ones you need to hire. 

Usually these services combine web development fundamentals and web design in a manner that gives the consumer or site visitor utmost access to the website. A growing business needs a growing consumer base. See how Cosmos Creatives can make your website work.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Four Web Solutions Businesses need to Pursue in the Coming Months

The Association of National Advertisers (US-based body) discovered that 77 percent of the total advertisers in the US have slashed their media expenditures this year. 

The year 2009 is witnessing a shift in marketing spending with word-of-mouth marketing and social media marketing showing an incredible increase in expenses with 77 percent. Search marketing and mobile marketing come a close second and third respectively, with 76 and 75 percent each. 

Behavioral or contextual marketing is another internet marketing sector that is capturing the interests of various online web solutions providers with a 70 percent increase in expense. 

The influence of old school online marketing solutions like display marketing/advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing and web development techniques have noticeably declined. These point to the amazing shift companies and corporate groups are making towards newer website promotion methods. 

For businesses not in the know, here are some examples of the new young guns of online web solutions

Word-of-mouth marketing and social media marketing are synonymous with each other due to the vast networks of users that connect with one another. The moment one person gets on to a good trend it is instantly evangelized to another, thus spreading like wildfire. 

Search marketing refers to techniques targeting search engines like search engine optimization, and pay per click plans. 

Mobile marketing targets mobile and wireless users, currently on the rise thanks to an influx of affordable smartphones and netbooks. 

Behavioral or contextual advertising makes use of web cookies and other tracking tools to identify user preferences and customize advertisements according to the same. 

Are your online web solutions aware of these elements? Contact Cosmos Creatives if the answer is negative.

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