Friday, April 17, 2009

The Bored Teenager Syndrome & Internet Marketing to Them

Last weekend was a hectic one for Twitter the micro-networking service, with the troubleshooting team working overtime to fix a bug attack. While bugs are not uncommon in popular web services, what made this one stand out was the fact that a 17-year-old masterminded it. Because he was ‘bored’

A number of questions are being raised over this new teenage trend and the bored teenager syndrome seems set to receive worldwide notice. 

The number of teenagers using the internet and especially social networks these days is rising. In a recent estimate, eMarketer thinks 75 percent of US internet users will be aged between 12 and 17 by the end of this year. However, by 2013 this statistic is expected to rise up to 79 percent! 

Can your search engine marketing efforts afford to miss such a large audience then? 

Each day, there are kids much younger than you and I buying goods, selling hand-made products, making friends, broadcasting their lives and in short, performing numerous web-related activities. eBay, social networks, Amazon, the search engines, gaming forums, online shopping sites and YouTube are where they hang out. 

The good thing about online marketing is that it has many ways of reaching out to this vibrant section of the WWW. Flash banners, pay per click campaigns and social bookmarking besides new online web solutions emerging each day are just a fraction of them. 

This audience is fickle though and largely driven by trends and change. It is no simple matter reaching out to them and keeping them hooked. This is where our online SEO services come in. Apart from the regular solutions, we keep implementing new media methods in all our processes. Get the edge with our help. 

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