Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Does your Web Page Design Render your Site Accessible for Customers?

I became a member of a travel website today and they had me very frustrated at the registration process itself. 


Their registration page was tedious, with an activation key being sent to my inbox after filling in my details. I had to go back to my inbox, copy the key, paste it onto the registration page and only then could I complete my registration.   

In the run to make your web page design sleek and exclusive, you need to ask yourself one question- whether you are you turning off users with small details like these. 

Online marketing relies heavily on analysis and user preferences. If businesses do not consider the needs and obstacles their demographic is facing then website marketing efforts are rendered useless. For site visitors using a connection that is unstable or of low bandwidth, a lengthy or complicated sign in process can mean a loss of potential consumers. 

If you have created a website in the hope of garnering conversions, this is not a good sign. Conversions are very essential for a business and website promotion largely revolves around getting as many of them as is possible. 

While some online web solutions go about them in ways that are frowned upon, web solutions that understand the need and importance of website accessibility are the ones you need to hire. 

Usually these services combine web development fundamentals and web design in a manner that gives the consumer or site visitor utmost access to the website. A growing business needs a growing consumer base. See how Cosmos Creatives can make your website work.

Image Credit: Sister72 

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