Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Four Web Solutions Businesses need to Pursue in the Coming Months

The Association of National Advertisers (US-based body) discovered that 77 percent of the total advertisers in the US have slashed their media expenditures this year. 

The year 2009 is witnessing a shift in marketing spending with word-of-mouth marketing and social media marketing showing an incredible increase in expenses with 77 percent. Search marketing and mobile marketing come a close second and third respectively, with 76 and 75 percent each. 

Behavioral or contextual marketing is another internet marketing sector that is capturing the interests of various online web solutions providers with a 70 percent increase in expense. 

The influence of old school online marketing solutions like display marketing/advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing and web development techniques have noticeably declined. These point to the amazing shift companies and corporate groups are making towards newer website promotion methods. 

For businesses not in the know, here are some examples of the new young guns of online web solutions

Word-of-mouth marketing and social media marketing are synonymous with each other due to the vast networks of users that connect with one another. The moment one person gets on to a good trend it is instantly evangelized to another, thus spreading like wildfire. 

Search marketing refers to techniques targeting search engines like search engine optimization, and pay per click plans. 

Mobile marketing targets mobile and wireless users, currently on the rise thanks to an influx of affordable smartphones and netbooks. 

Behavioral or contextual advertising makes use of web cookies and other tracking tools to identify user preferences and customize advertisements according to the same. 

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