Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Online Marketing and Mixed Business Models

Mike Michalowicz functions under the rather strange moniker of the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, but contrary to general opinion, he speaks about many interesting things on his blog. One good example is his post about a bank adapting a fast food joint’s business model, and making a success out of it. 

Such cases may be rare, but more often than not, are a hit if only for their novelty. 

A change here, a tweak there and there is enough scope for a business to capture an entirely new or increase a previously smaller number of consumers. Online marketing a business with these concepts in mind is worth a try. Why? Because this form of marketing costs lesser then other methods. 

It is all about taking time to know your audience and understanding what makes them tick. Any website marketing professional will tell you that its research into the consumer mind that makes the difference between a successful website and an underdone one. 

Online web solutions are not only inexpensive to carry out for marketing purposes, but the good thing about them is that they are measurable. From email marketing to pay per click campaigns, SEOs have ways to tabulate data and predict results. 

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Image Credit: norwichnuts 

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