Monday, June 29, 2009

Anyone Can Create A Website: But creating one that works is the real problem

Around 90% websites have the possibility of failure. Failed websites are only hanging around the web without even being noticed. It seems that (for business promotion) is doing really well, while social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook are slowly starting to diminish.

A website is not merely about design. Many website designers don’t know anything, but design. A lot of planning needs to go into it before you try to get something out of it. Only a professional web development company will know what exactly you need to consider while building a website.

Web developers always place the customer in mind while doing any of their creative activities; be it website designing, online marketing, search engine optimizing or even website writing. Every step taken by e-marketers is for a reason. And the reason is - directing more traffic towards your website, converting visitors into buyers eventually.

When a website is created, traffic does not wait at the door. It needs to be diverted towards your website. This is where SEO services and website promotional activities come in.

A well designed website should be able to work in any browser. It should look good no matter what the size of the screen may be. A well designed website works for everyone and will also work for you. A badly designed one won’t work for anyone and will not work for you either.
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