Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Local Businesses Get Lucky

Just because the internet represents the World Wide Web, local businesses tend to ignore online marketing. Why should they? Statistics reveal that more than 65% of the population turns to the internet to find local services around their place.

Advertising online makes more sense than advertising on any other media for reasons other than cost-effectiveness. Think about it. When it comes to information, nothing beats the internet as it equals a countless number of books, news papers and advertisements. Also, trusting the quality of goods purchased online was an issue of the past which no longer exists. Thus, the amount of people shopping online is a number that is constantly increasing.

Internet marketing is patently not limited to online stores. Even local businesses like food outlets, hotels, etc. can take the help of web designers and web developers to create an informative website, mentioning their services. Search engines like Google, MSN, AOL and Yahoo are also well aware of the internet marketing potential of local businesses. Thus, Google is in the process of creating a local feature known as ‘Street View’ on Google Maps.

Cosmos Creatives can help your business right from creating a website, till attracting your target audience through Pay Per Clicks, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing and more. Contact us for more information.

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PPC- An online advertising vehicle

PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns are used world-wide for the purpose of diverting traffic to websites. It is basically an ad that gets displayed only when the selected keywords are punched in on search engines. This is an internet marketing technique, where only planning can bring you huge profits. Therefore businesses actually search for renowned search engine marketing professionals to run their campaigns for them in order to avoid risks.

Any online marketing professional would know how important keywords are, considering the use of PPC. The more related the keywords are to your website, the better the chances of your ads being displayed and clicked. For example: If the word ‘school’ is typed in a search engine, the natural listings would consist of results like ‘public and private schools’, ‘Funschool games’ or ‘school history’ that have the word ‘school’ featured in them. But apart from the natural listings, PPC displays results like ‘study in UK’, ‘children with ADHD’ or even ‘education for girls’ that may not necessarily have that particular keyword word included. Basically, your keywords just need to be about your website.

Many businesses prefer this website promotion model as you have to pay only when someone clicks your ad. This means that PPC is definitely value for money.

If you’re thinking of trying PPC on your own, there are softwares available in the market to help you save enormous time with your keyword listings. You can also check out Google Adwords- Pay Per Click programme. It clearly explains how exactly you’re supposed to access it, even before signing up. But if you’re looking for a professional hand at this job, contact our talented team of experts to manage your PPC campaign planning.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

‘Less Is More’

A webpage layout makes use of different elements like text, graphics, video and audio. Clearly, all elements have their own strengths. This is evident from the fact that certain things can be better understood through an explanation, while certain other things need to be seen to accomplish a clear understanding. Commenting on which element is the best or which should be used excessively in your webpage design is just futile. The fact of the matter is that they all compliment each other.

Normally, the first page of a website sets a certain standard and class about the company in the mind of the consumer. Thus corporate websites make it a point to create a good 1st impression with the aid of an apt theme. They opt for layouts entirely creamed with graphics in the excitement of displaying a user-friendly or an attractive layout. As prudent as the idea seems, it must be realized that excessive use of graphics can stretch the loading time unbearably.

Another thing seen on plenty of websites is the use of irrelevant images. Overloading your website is one thing but adding images with no connection to your content is another. Similarly, too much content also makes it tougher for the visitor to be able to decipher your message.

Find out how Cosmos Creatives can help balance your webpage design.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Attractive Target Market

After all the concentration on marketing to kids and teenagers, some marketers have become well aware of the benefiits of catering to the largest target market ever: Women.

These women don’t just buy make-up; they even set out to purchase items like cars and technology gadgets. For example: Statistics reveal that women actually influence the buying decision of 80% of the vehicles sold in the US. (Source:

It’s true. Women are all geared with credit cards who wont take ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to shopping for what they need. Imagine the profits, if your online store attracted such a large target audience who spent a lot of time hunting for the right products for themselves and their families.

This is a wake up call for those website marketing professionals who haven’t yet heard of this profitable target audience. There could be thousands of women out there making decisions regarding marketing, financial, IT, administration, real estate or household decisions and you might have been thinking from a male’s point of view all this while.

Why not take advantage of this audience by properly channelizing your online marketing efforts and adding that extra slot of income to your profit?

Our e-marketers always keep themselves updated with the latest trends in website marketing. They come up with uniquely brilliant ways to promote websites. Get in touch with Cosmos Creatives to strengthen your business online.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Social Bookmarking: An Internet Marketing Technique

Millions of internet users all over the world access social bookmarking websites. Such websites are favoured by many as they involve a human touch (unlike search engines). Social bookmarking has been very countable from the point of view of publicizing company websites.

All you have to do is register on any of the bookmarking websites and save the website link online under certain tags. (Generally, keywords are used as tags for better results.) This will allow other users to find what they are looking for with the help of the tags displayed. If the visitor likes the site that has been bookmarked, they can add it to their own list, become a follower of your website, or even vote it as a helpful bookmark.

The best thing about online social bookmarking is that you can access your book marks from any computer as they are stored online. This makes it easy for a website to gain popularity apart from being listed in a SERP. Thousands of users are currently utilizing famous bookmarking websites like, Jumptags, Digg and Bebo in order to store their favourite links online.

Social bookmarking websites are just one of the marketing tools used in search engine optimization. Search engine optimizers do this as part of their job to draw more traffic to the website. They make sure to provide applicable information to the users.

So whenever you feel the need to get social, our web solutions experts at Cosmos Creatives will do the needful for you. By promoting your website through us, you can be rest assured that your website will be marketed effectively.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is Your Website Communicating Right?

Inspite of being featured on the 1st page in search engines, it is not unusual for a website to be ignored. There could be nothing wrong with the promotional techniques you opted. But there could be a possibility that your website isn’t really saying what you want your visitors to understand…

This so happens as most of us concentrate on the grammar, instead of writing for the sake of good communication. In other words, you need to hire a professional content writer to get your website written meaningfully, under perfection.

Most of us believe that the more sophisticated the words sound, the better. But what good can come out of difficult words being used on your website? Such words are the very places where communication starts to cease. They stand as a distraction and can only make the web page sound good.

Visitors search the web in order to find information on what they are looking for. So even if they happen to land on your website, they are still looking for further information and explanation on the particular topic. This only means that website writing needs to be crystal clear, in order to achieve a motivated reader as your end result.

Try to think of your reader as a friend. It’s the only way you can make him/her feel welcome.

Good content writing is just one aspect of preparing a sound website. If you are interested in building one and don’t know how to go about it, get in touch with our web solutions company -Cosmos Creatives. We are fully equipped with all the professional talent you need to kick start your website and gain plenty of sales.

Remember: ‘Content is King’

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Improve Your Image Online

You might have noticed how interesting a page can get with the help of a picture. Just plain writing doesn’t really get the reader's attention. Even the text and the pattern in the back ground can determine whether the reader is going to enjoy or simply ignore what he sees.

Graphicsare the most eye catchy features of your web page. They quickly attract the attention of the visitor in the same way an advertisement with a visual would attract and sustain your attention. They give meaning as well as represent and summarize the written content.

Just think… Will a black and white advertisement attract you more than a coloured ad? Will an ad without a picture attract you more than one with a relevant picture inserted into it? These are just simple ways to understanding the importance of images in your website.

But website designers have a far deeper insight when it comes to the application of graphics.

As I mentioned earlier, the text and the background pattern can determine the attractiveness of what the visitor sees. Thus the qualities of these two elements are taken into consideration while creating a website. If the images and content are placed in a very confusing manner, visitors are bound to jump to another website. This is because the fuddling interface might force them into thinking that the company or brand representing the website might not be up to the mark.

Hence, the more stylishly designed your webpage is, the more visitors are sustained. The longer they stay on your site, the better they understand the products you have to offer.

Cosmos Creatives have long been assisting their many and varied clientele in creating lasting branding images for them. Our webpage designers are also set to create distinct and lively designs in accordance with your esteemed requests.
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Affiliate Marketing

Get To Know Your Affiliate…

While the other internet marketing tactics like social bookmarking, Pay Per Click, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization are overtly and highly talked about, affiliate networking has been mistaken for a petty marketing operation (even though it is as important as the others).

It takes a great deal of effort in order to achieve satisfying consequences through affiliate marketing. So before you begin expending all the hard work, find out what exactly your affiliates are looking for:

-Your affiliates are looking for a webpage that would create a good impression on their website. This means that your website needs to be good looking, well worded and more popular than theirs. They prefer sites that make minimum use of graphics because the more graphics incorporated, the more time it takes to load the next page (i.e. their page).

-Staying around the average commissioning trend lets your affiliate trust you better.

-Another good thing to do is to make sure that everything you are going to offer within your programme, is adequately known to them.

-Affiliates are significant to your enterprise. They need to have your correct contact details for the purpose of clarifying any doubt or reverting back on an issue.

-Considering their recommendations before discarding them, can never be a bad idea.

Cosmos Creatives are knowledgeable about link up’s with top affiliates being vital for businesses. In fact, this is what they offer along with designing affiliate marketing packages for business enterprises. Get in touch with their website to know more about the diverse website marketing strategies you can use.

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