Friday, July 17, 2009

The Attractive Target Market

After all the concentration on marketing to kids and teenagers, some marketers have become well aware of the benefiits of catering to the largest target market ever: Women.

These women don’t just buy make-up; they even set out to purchase items like cars and technology gadgets. For example: Statistics reveal that women actually influence the buying decision of 80% of the vehicles sold in the US. (Source:

It’s true. Women are all geared with credit cards who wont take ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to shopping for what they need. Imagine the profits, if your online store attracted such a large target audience who spent a lot of time hunting for the right products for themselves and their families.

This is a wake up call for those website marketing professionals who haven’t yet heard of this profitable target audience. There could be thousands of women out there making decisions regarding marketing, financial, IT, administration, real estate or household decisions and you might have been thinking from a male’s point of view all this while.

Why not take advantage of this audience by properly channelizing your online marketing efforts and adding that extra slot of income to your profit?

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